Oatmeal For The Face

Oatmeal For the Skin
Oatmeal is versatile and amazing for soothing skin. It has natural proteins and saponin that have wonderful benefits for skin. Most common types of oatmeal found in stores: Old Fashioned Oats, Steel Cut or Irish Oatmeal, and instant oatmeal. Steel cut oats are simply chopped up groats and they undergo the most minimal processing, Old-fashioned oats or rolled oats are oat groats that have been steamed and rolled to produce that recognizable flat, disc-like shape. After rolling, old-fashioned oats are heat-dried to reduce moisture. Instant oatmeal typically vary from old-fashioned rolled oats in at least one of two ways. 

They are either rolled into thinner flakes or steamed for a longer period of time or undergo both processes in order to produce easier-to-chew oats that can be prepared at home quite quickly. There is also a finely ground oatmeal that is ideal for making lotions and bath soaks called Colloidal Oatmeal.
Steel cut oatmeal is a powerful exfoliant in body and hand scrubs. I like to use this type of oatmeal in my soaps to get a nice exfoliant. I also use Colloidal and Old fashion oatmeal in my scrubs. The colloidal oatmeal is soft and powdery and makes the scrub soft and smooth while the Old Fashion oats are grinded just enough to give it a little texture for a nice scrub.

The type of oatmeal you choose for your skincare depends on how you want to use it and what you want to make. You can grind up oatmeal in a food process and add Greek Yogurt, add a little honey,

liquid or dry goats milk (which you can add water to) make into a paste, apply it to your face as a mask and leave on. Rinse and pat dry.

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