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My Review on Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips

I normally don't do reviews on makeup as I am far from an expert on makeup. I just want to give you my take on these new lip stains by Beauty Bakerie.  I first saw these lip whips on a beauty blog by Sociallite Sande on Youtube and she wasn't really that impressed with them.  I was curious about them so I decided to take a look at the website.

First I was impressed with the website, design and packaging. But to me that doesn't make the product with fancy packaging. That doesn't make me buy, the quality of the product is what's important to me and price. Just because something is expensive doesn't mean it's good. People buy because of a famous name on it or popularity.  Well I like quality. Now the price for these are $20.00 and it's not that bad but it's still pricey for a small tube.

Ok enough of the rambling. I went to the website and they have a wide variety of colors. I picked Gingersnap because its a nice Fall color.  Here is my take on the Li…

Myths About Mineral Oil

One of the most widely used ingredients for moisturizers is the first controversial ingredient we will cover.  Petrolatum (also known as petroleum jelly and white petroleum) and mineral oil have been much maligned from “natural” based cosmetics companies, internet consumer sites and other environmental groups.  These sources erroneously claim that petrolatum and mineral oil are terrible ingredients because they come from crude oil (petroleum) which causes harm to the skin by forming an occlusive oil film, thereby “suffocating” it.  
Unfortunately for these sources, this claim defies known human biology. In the body oxygen is transported to the skin by the blood supply, and then diffuses into the epidermal cells – oxygen isnot absorbed directly from the air.  Herbal mucilages have been used for wound healing to soothe, protect and heal damaged or abnormal skin for centuries.  These mucilages naturally mimic the occlusive activity of petrolatum and mineral oil.  However, the “suffocating…

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DIY Charcoal Facial Peel Off Mask

New latest trend: Getting rid of black heads with Elmers glue and charcoal.
This may seem like a cheap and inexpensive way to create a DIY charcoal mask at home. For me I just can't picture myself putting glue on my face. As a kid we all rubbed Elmers Glue on our hands and let it dry and peel it off. That was fun to do but never thought years later, that there will be a trend to putting it on our face?
Well it seems like there is a trend going around by using regular Elmers Glue and charcoal as a face mask to get rid of black heads and other nasty stuff on your face. This concoction may seem great but is it really safe to use.
Although Elmers Glue is safe and non toxic, using this on the face may cause some skin irritation. Why? the pulling the glue off your face after it dries. This can cause mild skin irritation. It will be like pulling wax off your face.
Elmer glue is not fomulated for topical use and may cause some irritation and skin allergies or it may not work at all, but som…

DIY Makeup Remover Pads

This is a great and inexpensive way to remove makeup from your face without any harsh additives and very gentle for your face. I use this every day to clean and to remove makeup. I love it.

Here is what you need

Benefits Of Salts