Someone pays for it. That would be me. :-)

Over the years I have been selling online, I have been asked many times each week about getting “freebies” of my products.  I use to give away freebies to my "friends" and family on many occasions and it was usually to get their feedback about my new products or new soaps that I have created. Basically guinea pigs LOL.  Now am I getting their honest opinion about some of my products? I don’t know and I think it maybe in fear of not wanting to hurt my feelings and that is understandable, but for the most part it has been positive.

Ok getting back to the free stuff, here is my problem, when I first started giving out free samples to friends and co workers to try for free, I would get no feedback, they would disappear after getting their "freebies" never to be heard from again.  No, “oh by the way I got our package, nothingNothing!  I used to give out freebies in the hopes to get feedback and future sales for my online business.  But in all fairness, I do get wonderful feedback from my two sisters  Pam and Wendy and my twin brother Mike who really love my soaps. So those family members have always been supportive and have given me great feedback on my products.

Ok here is my problem with giving out freebies to bloggers. On a regular bases I get “can I have a free sample of your products so I can promote your products and your website on my blog My problem with this is: 1. If the bloggers are getting free samples, I don't think I will get a honest feedback. Most likely the feedback will be positive Why?   If they gave me a bad review on one of my products, the likely hood of me giving them more free stuff  will be a big fat 0.  Don’t bite the seller that gives you free stuff. So I will never give free products to bloggers. EVER.  First I have to eat the cost of packaging, my products (whether if it is soap or other items), containers, postage and paper to print the shipping labels with using my own paper and ink to mail them with USPS which costs $$$$, not to mention I have to take to the PO to ship.

I have had some say “I guess you don’t want my business”.  By giving away freebies I am giving away my money and my time. Some might say “well by giving away samples gets more people to notice your products and the possibility of a return customer" This maybe true but  hey if you are a small time home based business like myself, you just can’t afford to do that. If I gave samples on a weekly basis to everyone that asks for them and word gets around (especially on social media that I give out freebies) everyone would be crawling out of the woodwork requesting samples.

Besides my products are valuable to me. I have invested a lot of time, energy, creativity money and hard work to make my products for everyone to enjoy.  It is not something I take lightly. I really love what I do and although I may not offer free samples to everyone that just asks for them, I do offer free samples if you are a paying customer. I ALWAYS GIVE FREE SAMPLES WITH PAID ORDERS. And I do offer small samples in my online shopping venues for customers to buy and try.
So in closing,  I thank you for your support of my business and taking the steps to having better skin with our line of products.  I am here to support you once you become my customer to give you the best bath and body products that I have to offer.  But what I cannot do is give any freebies out in that process. Sorry:-(

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