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Best Way To Take Care Of Your Soap

Now that you have purchased your new soap, how are you going to take care of your new soaps. Well our handmade soaps are in their natural state. I do not add any preservatives or synthetic hardeners.  When our loafs is cut into bars, they are placed on a drying rack for a minimum of 4-6 weeks.  During this time they are going through the "drying" stage to harden the bar.  If you use your soap with special care, they will live a long life and serve you well.

Here are some tips:

1. Keep your handmade soaps from drowning in the pool of water.

2 Always use a soap dish that drains your soaps very well. ( I use a steel or wooden soap dish 

that is vented for good drainage between soaps)

3. Give your handmade soap plenty of air between uses.

4. Using a color bath of natural loofa will extend the life of your soaps

5. You can use up every last sliver of your soap by using a soap sock or bag

6. Store your unsued soap in a dry cool place such as a linen closet or lingerie drawer

And last but …

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