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What Is Cold and Hot Process Handmade Soap Revisted

Method 1 Cold Process Soap Method
Information on what cold process soap and how it is made. Homemade soap is not Lye soap and the finished product does NOT contain active lye in it..
A cold-process soapmaker first looks up the saponification value of the fats being used on a saponification chart, which is then used to calculate the appropriate amount of lye. Excess unreacted lye in the soap will result in a very high pH and can burn or irritate skin. Not enough lye, and the soap is greasy. Most soap makers formulate their recipes with a 4-10% discount of lye so that all of the lye is reacted and that excess fat is left for skin conditioning benefits.
What is saponification?  Saponification is the name given to the chemical reaction that occurs when a vegetable oil or animal fat is mixed with a strong alkali. The products of the reaction are two: soap and glycerin. Water is also present, but it does not enter into the chemical reaction. The water is only a vehicle for the…

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Shea Butter Lotion Is Back

Yes the Shea Butter lotion is back again. So where has it been? Well I stopped making it for awhile. This has been one of all time favorite products and first recipe that I have created for Pegasus Soaps. It did well for a long time for those that are familiar with it then it just fizzled.  During that time that it was not available, my husband and I just used it for ourselves.  He suggested that I bring it back but I hesitated because of the lack of interest in the lotion. 

This Shea Butter lotion is the best lotion I have ever made a recipe for. It really does cut down on that itchy dry skin we all complain about during the Winter months.  I reformulate the recipe now to accommodate Summer dry skin for over exposure to the Summer heat. It is not a greasy lotion but it will quickly absorb into the skin when applied. My husband absolutely love this lotion. This works wonders for that tight dry skin feeling you get from the dry winter weather you feels and revitalize it leaving you ski …