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UPDATE: Batches of soap that are either completed and are curing or in queue

*Fresh Cut roses (completed and curing now for 3 weeks)
*Capri Sun (completed and curing)
*Sun and Sand
*Black Raspberry Vanilla (completed and curing

*Caribbean Island (completed and curing)
*Fields of Cotton
*Spring Rain
*Sweet Almond Cherry Oatmeal (completed and curing)
*Heaven Scent
*Southern Comfort (completed and curing)

The Cucumber Melon for some reason lost the scent, It seems as though the soap just ate the fragrance and left a weird scent to it but I didn't like it so I have to redo that batch. I was a bit disappointed because I was so looking forward to using that soap but this happens. I have to order the fragrance from another supplier

Brighter Nails

Quick tip for beautiful bright nails on your feet.
Use 1 tablespoon peroxide and 2 1/4 tablespoons of baking soda, and soak nails for 5 minutes, leaves nails white. This is good to use after wearing red nail polish. Also great for the nails too