To Have Fancy Colorful Soap or Just Plain Soaps That’s The Question?

Yes that is the question of the day. I have always wondered what my customers prefer. Some have told me that having fancy colorful and decorative soaps is not but to nice to want to use. I tend to agree but when it comes to colorful and beautifully scented items, when are attracted to :- ). But on the other hand I have had customers tell me that they like it simple with color and highly fragrant soap. The kind  of soaps that you can still smell after you leave the shower. Then I have customer that haves said they like it simple with natural ingredients and not to perfumey as this is a turn off.  

So that is my question of the day. What do you like for your soap?  I myself try not to make my soaps too fancy and colorful but I know there are customers that are visual when it comes to their soaps.  For me if the soap is too beautiful I won’t use it, I would feel that all that creativity will be wasted once I get it wet and use it.  I know it sounds silly but there’s more than meets the eye when you see a beautiful soap. It takes technique and creativity to come out with a beautiful soap at the end. 

When it comes to creativity in design is something I lack but I do try. LOL  So I tend to try to keep it simple and to the point with my soaps and not to overly scent my soaps and there are some that really can’t stand strong scented soaps me included. So what do I do? I try to accommodate everyone with a little something for everyone even those that don’t prefer any scent at all.

So tell me what you like and don’t like.  Below is some of my soaps that are a little fancy and some that are just plain and simple and nice strong scented soaps. Tell me what you like.

Caribbean Island Soap

Fresh Cotton Club Soap

Shea and Coconut Soap

Sweet Cherry Oatmeal Soap

Valencia Soap

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