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Labor Day Weekend Sale!

Stop by our Website,Etsy, Shop or our New and improved Zibbet shop this weekend for our Labor Day Weekend sale on select items. These select items will be 10% off. All bath items such as soaps, bubble baths, shampoos, Whipped bath butter soaps, hand soaps, body washes, bath soaks, and so much more. Don't be shy, tell a friend. And we also combine all shipping or multiple items at our Zibbet and Etsy shops. Refunds will be issued upon shipping your items if you over paid for shipping. We always try to use flat rate packaging to save on shipping. If you don't want to pay for all the shipping prior before hand, send me a email or convo and I can set a special listing for the correct shipping price for you. We also have flat rate shipping for 6.00 at our website. Please read our Shipping Category on this special shipping rate. Not items can fit in these flat rate envelopes so please that info first.

The sale will only last til Monday Sept 1, 2014 @ 11pm est.Only valid on in stock…

To Have Fancy Colorful Soap or Just Plain Soaps That’s The Question?

Yes that is the question of the day. I have always wondered what my customers prefer. Some have told me that having fancy colorful and decorative soaps is not but to nice to want to use. I tend to agree but when it comes to colorful and beautifully scented items, when are attracted to :- ). But on the other hand I have had customers tell me that they like it simple with color and highly fragrant soap. The kind  of soaps that you can still smell after you leave the shower. Then I have customer that haves said they like it simple with natural ingredients and not to perfumey as this is a turn off.  
So that is my question of the day. What do you like for your soap?  I myself try not to make my soaps too fancy and colorful but I know there are customers that are visual when it comes to their soaps.  For me if the soap is too beautiful I won’t use it, I would feel that all that creativity will be wasted once I get it wet and use it.  I know it sounds silly but there’s more than meets the …