Strawberry Legs Oh NO!

I know I am not the only one that have this problem. That is when you shave and see these awful black dots on your legs.As you can see I have the dreaded strawberry leg problem. I am a woman of color so my dreaded spots were so much darker on my skin than if you are not a woman of color. But no matter what your skin type is, it is not nice to see especially when you it is the Summer and you want to show those legs off. I pretty stopped shaving my legs a long time ago but never really paid much attention to my legs until recently. My hair on my legs have pretty stopped growing. This photo is pretty much an after/during my process of trying to get rid of them. My legs were much worse so they are starting to go away slowly. It is a tedious daily process and unless you go get afford to go get laser removal, try to get rid of them yourselves.

What I have tried to get rid of them? Stop shaving!!! 

While shaving is the quickest, easiest and cheapest method for hair removal, it might be necessary to stop shaving. You can try alternative methods like depilatories, waxing or laser hair removal. You just have to find what is best for you and what you can tolerate. 

Although I have very little hair on my days I don't shave anymore. I started using my sugar waxing. It is very gentle, it can be a little messy but much better than hot wax. You can use it cold or warm which ever you prefer. By using sugar waxing, you are ripping the hair out from the root and you won't see any trace of it at all. You hair will also grow back much finer. I know it might not be the best advice as you probably want to stick to shaving but I don't think there is any way to continue shaving and completely get rid of the dreaded 'strawberry' look.

Dry Skin Brushing

Aromatherapy Associates  

My daily regime is dry brushing your skin every morning before you shower. I use this type of brush to dry brush my legs. It will feel a bit scratchy at first but you legs will get use to it. Use a circular motion around your entire legs for about 10 minutes. Soft brush can be found at any beauty supply store or at your local Walmart or pharmacy in the beauty section.


Exfoliation helps these dark pores. As I mentioned before, my dark strawberry spots were much darker and if you are a woman of color, they show up much darker on darker skin. I use my own sugar scrub. I first hop in the shower and get those pores open. You can also use a warm or hot towel and place on you legs to get those pores open. Then I exfoliate my legs using a circular motion. Oh does it feel good. My legs feel amazing afterwards.  I sometimes use my oatmeal scrub too which smells amazing and leaves your skin feel smooth and soft.

Final steps: After exfoliating I use AmLactin. It contains Alpha Hydroxy. It has 12% lactic acid This lotion maybe a little expensive but I have seen improvement. You have to apply it twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. After I apply the lotion I use Coconut oil. Just dab a little coconut oil on my hands and rub. Where to find Amlactin? The cheapest place I have found it was at my local Walmart for about 13.00

This method is not going to show improvement over night so it may seem like a hassle to do this on a regular basis and you may even forget to do it some mornings but I have seen improvement in my legs and this has just been a 2 week period of constantly repeating these steps on a daily basis. I have slacked off a bit but will start repeating the process again. This may work for you or it may not but try it and see. You just have to keep at it.  The sugar waxing has definitely worked and will not ever shave my legs again.  It has been over a year since I have stopped shaving and although I sell the sugar waxing, I only have used it under my arms and other areas but have never used it on my legs mainly because I barely have hair on my legs. But the sugar waxing is so much gentler than hot wax where is is very painful ripping that hair off your legs. To be honest I don't know how you ladies can stand it especially in the sensitive area. That can't be fun.  I will try to post updated pics as my legs start to look even better.

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