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I found this to be very useful but I haven't tried it yet as I pretty much don't use dryer sheets anymore but thought this was a neat idea.


SUPER simple tip great and saves you A LOT of $$$$!!

You’ll need…..
A container with an airtight lid (I use a 2QT food storage bowl w/screw on lid)

4-6 sponges (I use small, thin, cheap ones)

NOTE: You can also use cloths sheets too as I have them available so I will try these first

2 cups fabric softener (any brand/’flavor’)
4-5 cups water

Gently stir fabric softener and water together in container ..add sponges and put on lid to leave soak.

To Use: squeeze out 1 sponge and put it in the dryer with your load of wet clothes ..when clothes are dry, put the sponge back into the container of mix.
Results: EXACTLY the same as using the expensive dryer sheets that get thrown away!!!!!

Refill container as needed ..but that won’t be very often at all …MAYBE twice a year or less!!!

NOTE: If you use a smaller container ….just make as much mix as needed to fill it …it’s basically 1 cup softener to 2 cups water (a little extra water doesn’t hurt)
My total cost: $5 ………sponges $3 (2/$1) ..container $1 ..fabric softener $1 (ALL purchased at Dollar Tree if you want to get your supplies there)

Found this at I gotta give credit where credit is due :-)

Have a great day!
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