Monday, August 26, 2013

My 3000th Sale!!!

Well I did it I finally did it, I just reached my 3000th sale at Etsy. Wow I never thought I would see the day when I see 3000 posted at my shop. As I look back on my years at Etsy, there were some ups and downs and even some shut downs. People think it is easy to sell online and it is by far the hardest because you pretty much have to prove yourself and with bath and body it is even harder when there are so many bath and body shop to choose from.  At times I was ready to just give up and walk away when business was pretty much at a stand still. My husband told me to take some time away and think about your products and what you want others to get from them. So I took a long time off from website and from my Etsy shop and totally changed everything. Photos (which is still challenge for me today), descriptions and improving my products and labels.  Over the years I have gone through so many product labels, I lost count but I am happy that I took some time and tried to brand myself with my own flavor and customers have responded quite well.

My best advice to newcomers to online selling I have learned over the years is patience. You have to have patience. You can't expect to start selling right off the back. It takes time and a lot of hard work to get your name out there and for people to find you. Nothing in life comes easy, ok maybe for some but for the most part you have to constantly work at it. Customer service is also key. If you don't treat your customers right they won't come back and they won't spread the word about your products.

So with that being said I look forward to another 3000 more sales in the future. :-)

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Why I Love Formula One Racing

Now for something totally not related to handcrafted soaps.  I hope you enjoy it.

Many people don’t know that I am a huge Formula One fan. I once told someone that I was a huge fan and they were like “Formula One?” Many folks don’t know but Formula One races are held all around the world, not just in Europe as many believe.  F1 has races in Asia (China, Korean, Japanese, India), United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, North and South America (Canada, US, Brazil) just to name a few.  For 2014, additional races are planned for Moscow and New Jersey.

How did I get started watching F1.  My love for Formula One began in back in 2010.  My husband was watching a race one afternoon and he said “come on sit and watch this with me”, I showed no interest in watching racing.  I have given Nascar a chance many times and I just couldn’t get into it. Not because I did not understand it or know the ins and outs of the it, I just didn’t care for cars constantly going around in a circle for all those laps.  I think most like to tune into Nascar just to see the crashes and I don’t want to watch those horrible crashes and plus I always fall asleep when watching it.  So I decided to give Formula One a chance like I did Nascar and I liked it.

I spend Sunday mornings glued to the television learning about everything there is to know about F1 from knowing the difference in the tires, the drivers, the teams, knowing how it works and what is involved.  I would really love to see some women F1 drivers and there have been some women drivers trying to get in, but it is tough.  Not just anyone can become an F1 driver.  There is a long list of drivers wanting to become an F1 driver.

I love Formula One because racing is exhilarating.  Formula One sets the ultimate challenge for Man and Machine.  An F1 car is the most technically sophisticated racing machines built today.  It's not like I don't like Nascar, its just that F1 cars are so complex everything from the aerodynamics to the engines to the steering wheel.  It's incredible how a small tweak here or there can change the performance on the car.  Look at the front wing, yes these cars have wings that work in complete opposite as a plane wing.  The front wings are a piece of art with all the little winglets and curves on them just to direct the air flow to where it can be used. Look at the cock pit.  A structure built with high tech materials that are stronger than steel but lighter to protect the driver.  Look at the engines.  Built to rev to 18,000 rpms and are very reliable.  Look at the gear boxes, what a work of art and technology.  There's nothing the roar of an F1 engine revving at 18,000 rpms.  Look at the driver.  Look at the F1 car, what an awesome piece of machinery has man built.  Watch them take a turn at a high rate of speed, unbelievable and only possible because of the technology that goes into the tire design.

Then you have the KERS or Kinetic Energy Recovery System.  This device recovers the kinetic energy that is present in the wasted heat created by the car’s braking process.  It stores that energy and converts it into power that can be called upon to boost acceleration.

How does it work?

There are principally two types of system - battery (electrical) and flywheel (mechanical), although F1 teams have so far all opted for the battery system.  Electrical systems use a motor-generator incorporated in the car’s transmission which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa.  Once the energy has been harnessed, it is stored in a battery and released when required.

Then there's DRS.  The Drag Reduction System alters the angle of the rear wing flap to reduce drag. It's use is strictly controlled and intended for the straight away portions of tracks to provide a more challenging environment for the races by enabling more passing opportunities during the race.

Drivers are free to activate the DRS as they wish within the designated DRS zones during practice and qualifying, but during the race they may only activate it when they are within one second of the car in front (indicated to him via a dashboard light) at the DRS detection point.

The DRS is disabled (resetting the rear wing flap to its original position) the first time the driver uses the brakes after activation.

In race conditions the DRS is available for use after two laps, but the race director may choose to suspend its use in poor weather conditions or if there are yellow flags in the DRS activation zone.

Check out this advanced steering wheel. The steering wheel is also used to house instrumentation, normally via a multi-function LCD display screen and - more visibly - the ultra-bright 'change up' lights that tell the driver the perfect time for the optimum gearshift.  Race control can also communicate with the driver via a compulsory, steering-wheel mounted GPS marshalling system.  This displays warning lights, with colours corresponding to the marshals’ flags, to alert drivers to approaching hazards, such as an accident, on the track ahead.

There are buttons that activate devices such as the DRS overtaking aid, KERS power-boost, and even the drinks tube inside the drivers' helmet.

The driver can also communicate to his team through the radio and the pit-confirm buttons, for example.
Those conversations from the pit crew to the driver will affect how the driver uses the dials on the steering wheel to control many of the car's parameters, including fuel consumption, tyre and engine settings and the differential, which distributes engine power to the rear wheels and affects driveability.

One of the incredibly historic race venues is Monaco. Monaco has been hosting F1 since 1929 on the tightest, most scenic course in the world—the 160-miles run right through the streets of Monaco, past the famous casino, down through practical alleyways of diamond and designer boutiques, around a harbor burgeoning with $50-million yachts and up through verdant hills dotted with whitewashed villas.  Meanwhile grandstands packed with thousands line the main drag, with celebs and the rich and famous. The entire course is curtailed by waist-high silver panels backed by spectators five feet deep.

So now you see why I love Formula one. Thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Help Donate

You can donate and help out my friends children and their classmates.  It always feels good to be a hero to children!

Funds are for the Effort Christian School and Preschool

You can contribute to this project in two ways: Give credit so that the project owner can purchase supplies for his or her project (preferred by most project owners; the project owner will only be able to purchase items from the project's supply list), or purchase specific supplies and contribute those. 

Give 1.00. 5.00 or 10.00 anything will help or you can buy and donate supplies. Check here for all the  details

Or you can  Contact Theresa Landow ( about this list

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Perfect Liner For Your Mold

So I have been asked before what do I use to line my molds with. I use freezer paper. This is great to use with  Cold process or Hot Process Soap. I hope this is very useful for those that are new to soap making.

 I got this idea a few years back from someone I saw online using this method and I couldn't figure out how to line my mold with. So if you are interested here is how I line my mold.  I am not very good at teaching anyone anything or giving out tutorials so please bare with me. I hope you get the idea on how to do this as it was difficult trying to do this with one hand on the camera and one hand trying to show you

1. I start out with a wooden mold. This is one of my many molds that I use. This is a 4lb soap mold. I use this mold for most of my soaps. I have another one similar to this but it is a 3lb mold. So lets start with this.

2. Freezer paper. Freezer paper can be bought and any grocery store or Walmart where you would find the aluminum foil and trash bags etc. Its shiny on one side and dull on the other side. I

3.  Unroll your freezer sheet on the dull side and place your mold inside. Pull enough of it out that that there is enough to overlap the sides of the mold. About 2-3 inches give or take.

 4. Now that there is enough for both side to come over the mold cut each end.

5. As you can see both sides fit right over the mold on all sides. You always want to make sure you have enough so they can fold over.

See below as well.

6. Now take your paper using the dull side and place over top of your mold. Here you are going to outline the top edge of the mold with your finger. 
 7. Using your finger, outline the edge of the mold making sure not to press to hard down or you will puncture the paper especially if you have long fingernails.  Gently go around the entire mold on all 4 sides.
8. Take off your paper and lay on a flat surface.  Not sure if you can see this but this is the outline of the mold on all 4 sides. 

 10. Flip paper over on the shiny side. Now we are going to fold the outline you just made with your finger. Fold all 4 sides.

See images below

 Now you can see all the sides are now folded with the shiny side of the paper up.
 11. Now you want to cut each corner edge. For now only cut the four corners

 You may want to cut some of the excess paper too as you are going to be cutting away some of the unwanted sides

12. Ok now you can see the corners are all cut. You paper should now look like this. Don't cut the ends yet. We will get to that in a minute.
 13. Ok now here is the tricky part of laying your paper in the mold. The tall vertical ends of the paper you place on the outside of the shiny not the inside as you want the inside paper to be smooth and without creases.  Slow push down the paper in the mold. It should fit perfect assuming you outlined the paper with your finger perfectly. Again make sure there is no punctures in the paper or your soap will go through the holes.
 14. See here the side vertical should be on the outside not the inside as you slide it down into the mold

Here is a better view from the top. Push you paper down.

 15. Now you can cut the ends. Cut all four sides and your paper will now be able to fold down
 Begin to fold your paper down onto your mold on all 4 sides.

Another view of all the sides folded down. 

 Trimming the ends

   Trimming the sides of excess paper

Now we are finished lining your mold. It seems like a lot of work but once you get it down the first couple of times then you won't need a guide. Some of you may get it on the first try and some may not but it does take a little practice but your soap will come out nice and clean with no creases and no need to trim.

Just take a piece of scotch tape and apply it to all sides to make sure your liner stays in place. You can even run your finger over the top edges too to make a crease before applying the tape at the ends.

I hope this was helpful tip.  Like I said I am not very good at giving tutorials and my photos were not that great as I took this pics with my cell phone as it was much easier to hold then my regular Canon camera.

Take care and if you have any questions, shoot me a email at

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Item Of The Week.

Leave in Hair Detangler Spray  4 oz spray bottle

This is our new Leave in Detangler. If you suffer with tangled hair like I do, then this is the product for you. The conditioning ingredients of this detangler form a protective layer over the cortex where the cuticle cells have broken away, which creates a protective layer or coating over these rough edges. The protective coating created with conditioner also seals in moisture and reduces static electricity

This detangler works by making the hair cuticles less prone to latch onto each other, which leaves hair tangled. I have really thick wavy hair and this works great on it. Gentle enough to use on kids.

I remember back when I was a child sitting on the floor for hours with my mom or my sister trying to get the tangles out of my hair. It was a nightmare and especially if you have really long hair.

The best part about buying this detangler is that you can pick and choose your favorite scent. Our most popular scents is Honeysuckle, Cucumber Melon and Pink Sugar. We have a large variety of scents you can select. 

Coming soon will be a large 8 oz size bottler. 

Available at our Website, Etsy shop and The Craft Star

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