Time To Think About The Holidays

Oh I know, I know it is so early for the holiday but it is exactly 2 months away and time will be going by so fast that the New Year will be here sooner than you think.  For me the holidays it just quiet time and time to just kick back and relax.

 So I have figured out my holiday schedule for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Sales: I will be running sales on Etsy in November. One in the beginning of the month and one on Black Friday and that weekend.  There will sales and featured sale items on our website during the month of November as well.  Zibbet will also have a Black Friday sale and the following Saturday and Sunday only in November. December sales will be the first week in December for all of our venues only.

NEW ITEMS: New items will be listed sometime next month, mostly new soaps.

Holiday Shipping: December 12, 2013 will be the Deadline for shipping for all shopping venues including the website. This will give me 2-3 to process orders and get them shipped by December 15-16.

Flat Rate Shipping: As most of you know, I use flat rate shipping a lot. With all of my shopping venues, flat rate shipping is not include during the checkout process because I have to see if the items will fit and in MOST multiple orders, flat rate shipping will fit.  There will be some instances will I will not use Flat Rate shipping envelopes in fear of items getting crushed so I will choose to use Priority boxes. Holiday packages get thrown around quite a bit during the holidays so to make sure your items are not damaged, I will determine if flat rate is the best choice even it they do fit.

Closings: Our website is always available 24/7 but no orders will be taken from December 24-28, any orders received during this time will not be processed til December 28th so please keep this in mind when ordering online.  Our Etsy and Zibbet shops will be closed and on vacation mode til December 27th. 

So I think that is about it for now and any changes that are made between now and then I will be sure to post.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stop by any of our shopping venues for your holiday shopping. Please makes sure you don't wait to the last minute to purchase your holiday goodies as I can't make miracles and you have to consider processing times which is usually 2-3 days to process and shipping times which may take up to 5 days to deliver so please don't wait. December 12 is my cutoff day for Christmas delivery. Any orders received after December 12th, I cannot guarantee.

Take care
Pegasus Soaps

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