Tarts Tarts and more Tarts

Yes they are back and we have clamshell tarts available.  The weather is changing and getting cooler and it is the time to break out the tart warmer and scent you home with the new season.  These are made with Palm wax and are gorgeous crystal designs that resemble granite or quartz.  We have a variety of these lovely tarts available and more to come as I prep and edit my photos to get them all listed which is a process all itself and very time consuming so they are all ready and we currently have Pink Sugar, Pumpkin Spice, Hazelnut Coffee, Balsam and Cedar, Lavender Sage and Dragon Blood. We will be listing more soon.

Plus stop by our CLEARANCE section as we are putting a lot of our soap on clearance. Why? because we only have a small amount of these soaps left in stock and I need the room for more new Fall soaps so my loss is your gain. Take advantage of these discounted soaps.

Thanks for stopping by today and you can find my products at Etsy, Our Website, The Craft Star and we are reopening our Zibbet store
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