Perfect Liner For Your Mold

So I have been asked before what do I use to line my molds with. I use freezer paper. This is great to use with  Cold process or Hot Process Soap. I hope this is very useful for those that are new to soap making.

 I got this idea a few years back from someone I saw online using this method and I couldn't figure out how to line my mold with. So if you are interested here is how I line my mold.  I am not very good at teaching anyone anything or giving out tutorials so please bare with me. I hope you get the idea on how to do this as it was difficult trying to do this with one hand on the camera and one hand trying to show you

1. I start out with a wooden mold. This is one of my many molds that I use. This is a 4lb soap mold. I use this mold for most of my soaps. I have another one similar to this but it is a 3lb mold. So lets start with this.

2. Freezer paper. Freezer paper can be bought and any grocery store or Walmart where you would find the aluminum foil and trash bags etc. Its shiny on one side and dull on the other side. I

3.  Unroll your freezer sheet on the dull side and place your mold inside. Pull enough of it out that that there is enough to overlap the sides of the mold. About 2-3 inches give or take.

 4. Now that there is enough for both side to come over the mold cut each end.

5. As you can see both sides fit right over the mold on all sides. You always want to make sure you have enough so they can fold over.

See below as well.

6. Now take your paper using the dull side and place over top of your mold. Here you are going to outline the top edge of the mold with your finger. 
 7. Using your finger, outline the edge of the mold making sure not to press to hard down or you will puncture the paper especially if you have long fingernails.  Gently go around the entire mold on all 4 sides.
8. Take off your paper and lay on a flat surface.  Not sure if you can see this but this is the outline of the mold on all 4 sides. 

 10. Flip paper over on the shiny side. Now we are going to fold the outline you just made with your finger. Fold all 4 sides.

See images below

 Now you can see all the sides are now folded with the shiny side of the paper up.
 11. Now you want to cut each corner edge. For now only cut the four corners

 You may want to cut some of the excess paper too as you are going to be cutting away some of the unwanted sides

12. Ok now you can see the corners are all cut. You paper should now look like this. Don't cut the ends yet. We will get to that in a minute.
 13. Ok now here is the tricky part of laying your paper in the mold. The tall vertical ends of the paper you place on the outside of the shiny not the inside as you want the inside paper to be smooth and without creases.  Slow push down the paper in the mold. It should fit perfect assuming you outlined the paper with your finger perfectly. Again make sure there is no punctures in the paper or your soap will go through the holes.
 14. See here the side vertical should be on the outside not the inside as you slide it down into the mold

Here is a better view from the top. Push you paper down.

 15. Now you can cut the ends. Cut all four sides and your paper will now be able to fold down
 Begin to fold your paper down onto your mold on all 4 sides.

Another view of all the sides folded down. 

 Trimming the ends

   Trimming the sides of excess paper

Now we are finished lining your mold. It seems like a lot of work but once you get it down the first couple of times then you won't need a guide. Some of you may get it on the first try and some may not but it does take a little practice but your soap will come out nice and clean with no creases and no need to trim.

Just take a piece of scotch tape and apply it to all sides to make sure your liner stays in place. You can even run your finger over the top edges too to make a crease before applying the tape at the ends.

I hope this was helpful tip.  Like I said I am not very good at giving tutorials and my photos were not that great as I took this pics with my cell phone as it was much easier to hold then my regular Canon camera.

Take care and if you have any questions, shoot me a email at

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