My 3000th Sale!!!

Well I did it I finally did it, I just reached my 3000th sale at Etsy. Wow I never thought I would see the day when I see 3000 posted at my shop. As I look back on my years at Etsy, there were some ups and downs and even some shut downs. People think it is easy to sell online and it is by far the hardest because you pretty much have to prove yourself and with bath and body it is even harder when there are so many bath and body shop to choose from.  At times I was ready to just give up and walk away when business was pretty much at a stand still. My husband told me to take some time away and think about your products and what you want others to get from them. So I took a long time off from website and from my Etsy shop and totally changed everything. Photos (which is still challenge for me today), descriptions and improving my products and labels.  Over the years I have gone through so many product labels, I lost count but I am happy that I took some time and tried to brand myself with my own flavor and customers have responded quite well.

My best advice to newcomers to online selling I have learned over the years is patience. You have to have patience. You can't expect to start selling right off the back. It takes time and a lot of hard work to get your name out there and for people to find you. Nothing in life comes easy, ok maybe for some but for the most part you have to constantly work at it. Customer service is also key. If you don't treat your customers right they won't come back and they won't spread the word about your products.

So with that being said I look forward to another 3000 more sales in the future. :-)

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