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Kick Off Summer Soap Sale

We are just getting into the beginning of Summer and with the warm upcoming hot weather, we are having our annual Summer Soap Sale. This will be the only soap sale this summer so catch the savings while supplies last. All of our cold and hot process soap are 20% off.

We have a large variety of soap for everyone personal taste to soaps with Shea Butter and salt scrub soaps.  We will be adding our Whipped Soaps bars too as soon as possible.

Here is what we have to offer:

Jasmine Citrus Scrub Soap. This has added Shea Butter, sea salt and added oatmeal.

 Love Spell Soap with added Shea Butter. Yup that's right the famous VS Love Spell

 Mmmm Honey Almond Soap. Great lather and smells awesome if you are a Honey Almond type of person

This is a Wild Currant and Sandalwood soap. Sort of funky and wild but I absolutely love the scent on this soap. Not a Sandalwood fan? don't worry this has more Wild Currant than Sandalwood so you can't really smell the sandalwood but it blends well…

Newly Listed Item

Bright bold handmade lipsticks are here!! I finally decided to go for it and I did. I didn't plan on making these to sell but my mom thought it would be a good idea since she has been my guinea pig and helped me make up my mind as to whether I should go ahead and have these available for sale. I wanted to create my own colors for my own personal use as I never could find the right colors for my type of skin tone. It was either too light or too red or too pink and pink is not a good color for me. I like more natural colors like the Autumn a rich chocolate color, Bella's Kisses which is a strong warm color  and Bitter Sweet which is a lighter shade of the Autumn. The Wild Cat Red is cool smooth red color. The Fantasia is a hot firey red that I also love. If you looking for a more rosey color, I have the Rose Blossom which is a rose plum. It is a combination of pinks and plums. Some think it is more of a reddish color but I guess it all depends on how it looks on you.  It is a …