Why Buy Homemade Soaps?

In today’s market it is common for people buy products that contain chemically-based ingredients. Although the majority of these chemicals are deemed safe, there is plenty of debate regarding the long term affects chemicals can have on an individual’s health. Homemade soap consists of natural ingredients, and it can leave you refreshed and moisturized without adverse side effects. Here are a few reasons to use homemade soap.

1. Homemade soaps can help you avoid skin rashes.
Chemically-based soaps usually include surfactants and other synthetic products made from chemicals. The danger with these soaps is that these chemical products usually remove natural oils from your skin, leaving it exposed and susceptible to irritation. The bacteria that accumulates on the exposed layer of your skin can cause rashes. Homemade natural soaps, however, are derived from vegetable or animal fat. These fats do not remove the natural oils on your skin. Instead, they replenish the nutrients the skin needs to avoid rashes.

2. Homemade soaps moisturize naturally.
One of the benefits of natural soaps is that after only a few washes your skin will be left as moisturized as it would be after using lotion. Homemade soap stimulates the natural acid mantle of the skin. This leaves the skin moisturized and healthy after only after a few washes. Now if you live in a area where you have hard water, using soap with hard water does not mix well. You can use the best moisturizing soap out on the market, but bathing or showering with hard water, (or overly chlorinated water) can do a lot of damage to your skin over time. I live in a area where the water is so badly chlorinated that you my bathroom smells like the Y or a swimming pool area. Not good. So if you do have hard water, get a water filter for your shower or invest in getting a water softener.

3. Homemade soaps reduce the appearance of blemishes.
Many products in the market claim to diminish scars and blemishes. However, soaps and skin cleansers that include strong chemicals may cause adverse side effects. Homemade soap is not only safe and natural, but it can help reduce the appearance of blemishes and scars over time. Dead Sea Mud soap is great for helps reducing dark spots and even out skin tone.

4. Homemade soaps promote healthy skin.
The homemade soap making process usually involves a chemical reaction between lye and oils or fats. Many store brand soaps include lye. This is a chemical compound that is not advantageous for the skin as it can upset the chemical balance. During production of homemade soap, however, lye is often converted to glycerin. Glycerin is critical in maintaining healthy skin.

5. Homemade soaps are more cost effective and reduce infections.
The strong chemicals found in various store brand soaps have been known to cause skin infections in consumers. Homemade soap is an excellent alternative for people with sensitive skin. The natural ingredients found in homemade soap do not usually upset the biological or chemical balance in the skin. Not only do store brand soaps often cause skin irritation, but it much more cost effective than synthetically manufactured soap. Natural soaps are an excellent alternative to chemically-based store brands. They are gentler and safer for your skin. However, homemade soaps are even better for your skin, and they are unbelievably inexpensive to make.

Having healthy skin that is well-moisturized and free of irritation goes a long way. The soaps in many stores are full of chemicals that can irritate and infect the skin. The natural ingredients that are found in homemade soap are much safer and gentler. Since homemade soap is also more cost-effective than synthetically-manufactured soaps, it’s an obvious choice.
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