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Why Buy Homemade Soaps?

In today’s market it is common for people buy products that contain chemically-based ingredients. Although the majority of these chemicals are deemed safe, there is plenty of debate regarding the long term affects chemicals can have on an individual’s health. Homemade soap consists of natural ingredients, and it can leave you refreshed and moisturized without adverse side effects. Here are a few reasons to use homemade soap.

1. Homemade soaps can help you avoid skin rashes.
Chemically-based soaps usually include surfactants and other synthetic products made from chemicals. The danger with these soaps is that these chemical products usually remove natural oils from your skin, leaving it exposed and susceptible to irritation. The bacteria that accumulates on the exposed layer of your skin can cause rashes. Homemade natural soaps, however, are derived from vegetable or animal fat. These fats do not remove the natural oils on your skin. Instead, they replenish the nutrients t…
To-morrow is Saint Valentine's day,All in the morning betime,And I a maid at your window,To be your Valentine.Then up he rose, and donn'd his clothes,And dupp'd the chamber-door;Let in the maid, that out a maidNever departed more. —William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act IV, Scene 5
Happy Valentine's Day

From Relaxed to Natural

A lot more women of color are seeking to transition from relaxed to natural hair texture.Whether it’s because they miss their natural texture and aspire to wear their do curly or they have encountered issues in growing their relaxed hair long is up for debate. How do you  go natural with the minimum level of fuss, and of course hair breakage?. I too have stepped away from relaxers over a year ago and it feels good. I myself  have naturally curly wavy hair that at times can be very thick and hard to manage. As a little girl, Ihorrid memories of my mom sitting me on the floor for hours trying to untangle my long thick hair. It was painful til one day I begged my mom to relax it. With much hesitation and worrying that my hair would fall out because I am of a multiracial background and don't have the same type of hair my mom does, she eventually gave in and my nightmares of getting my hair done was over. I have also tried to talk my mom into taking the natural route but she has t…

New Soap Arrived

Rice Flower and Shea Oatmeal Soap

This is a very nice and lovely scented soap. One of my favorite scents that I had to make into a bar. If you are not familiar with Rice Flower and Shea here it was it is.... A softly scented rice flower blends beautifully with creamy shea butter. Yes it is a Bath and Body Works Duplicate. This will make a great Valentines Day Gift for your loved one or treat yourself. :-)

Available at all our online locations. Website, Etsy, Luulla and New location is The Craft Star 

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