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The Importance Of Dead Sea Salt


New Year Soap Sale!!!

We are kicking off a New Year Soap Sale!  All soaps will be discounted 15% off at our website. 
This is for a limited time so come get your favorite soaps. Spread the word to your friends and family.
We also have Bulk Rate Shipping if you purchase 3-8 bars of soap US only sorry.  In order to take advantage of the Flat Rate Shipping, you must only add soaps to your shopping cart. If any other items are included, you will be sent a invoice for the remaining cost of shipping. This Flat rate is only for soaps.
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Thought Of The Day

The only thing complaining does is to convince other people you are not in control and that you let less than positive circumstances control your mood and outlook

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it is 2013! Where did the last year go? 2012 wasn't a bad year for me but it wasn't great either.  With my husband's car accident last month and some other issues that happened with me this year I have to say it wasn't a banner year but I am still here still kicking and I am thankful for that.

So I am back up and running again.  All my venues are no open and accepting orders.  You may find that some items are not available and that is because either I am redoing the photos, updating etc etc but if you can't find your favorite item, just email me. I have to retake a lot of the photos and update some of my listings.  USPS will be going up on their postage again so I have to upgrade a lot of listings for that as well.   I tried my best to do some work during my time off but it was so hard to even go near my computer. I needed a break so not much was done over the holidays.  I did get a bit lazy but lazy is good sometimes.  I am refreshed, relaxed and r…