Happy Thanksgiving!

It is that time of year again. Where did the year go?  It was just Summer and now it is Thanksgiving. This is one of my favorite holidays because family and friends come together and celebrate being thankful. My husband and I will be spending it alone this year as we didn't want to travel but my family and some of his family are not that far away but having to deal with traffic and congestion is not one of my husband strong points. He has to deal with a lot of traffic here in Northern VA on a daily basis so having to deal with traffic on his day off is annoying. I don't like to drive long distance and I hate driving. I am not very good at it LOL so I leave most of the driving to him. 

Then you have Black Friday. I just don't get it. Every year they push back Black Friday times earlier and earlier. Now Black Friday sales start on Thanksgiving! WTH? I see people camping out in front of stores with tents. Its a bit pathetic if you ask me. 1. It shows that these people have no jobs if they can sit outside 24 hours a day just to wait for a store to open , and 2. if they don't have jobs, how can they afford to buy all these items with no jobs? I just don't get it. Here you got people still suffering without homes and or food to eat after  Sandy and people are worrying about getting in line to get Black Friday Deals. I have never shopped on Black Friday and I never will. Most stores will be having sales all the way up til December 24th. So I am sort of a late shopper.  This year though I think gift cards are in order. :-)

So with that being said, I do have a few new items ready. First is my Cherry Almond Oatmeal Soap. A loyal customer had asked for me to bring this back and it is. One of my favorites. It smells amazing!  This can be purchased at all of our venues.. Etsy, Website, and Luulla. 

I know this soap may not be fancy and maybe a bit plain jane but it takes a lot of work to do alot of the fancy stuff to soap. I don't have the patience so I like to keep it simple and I am not very good at but my soaps are awesome. The more work I would have to make them look fancy the more I would have to charge and I want customers to use them and not buy them because they are pretty and appealing. I don't want my soaps to wind up just sitting on someones bathroom sink just for decorations because they are too pretty to use.

I am working on getting my Leave In Detangler which I am very excited about. This should be ready to list within the next week or so. Plus I have a few soaps that will be listed by Christmas which are 

Tuscan Herb
Bamboo Grapefruit.

Now the sales!!! 

You can save 10% off at our Etsy shop til November 24th
Use coupon code "THANKS12"

Save 15% off at our Luulla and Website 
Use Coupon Code  "THANKS12"

This code will expire at November 30th

Plus!!! Spend 75.00 or more at our website and receive FREE SHIPPING!
Cart will automatically calculate the free shipping.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Thanks for stopping by

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