Formula 1 in Austin TX!!

Some of you may  not know but I am a HUGE Formula One fan. My husband starting watching it and asked if I wanted to sit down and watch with him and just like that, I became hooked.

Well this weekend Formula One Is Back to the U.S. After a Five-year Hiatus and I am so pleased to see it return to the US. Unfortunately Formula One currently does not have an American driver but all the same I am so excited that they are making their way back here.

Circuit of Americas

Circuit of Americas is the name of the brand new track in Austin TX. Every single driver in Formula One will be new for them. The track looks awesome!

                          Here is a look at the Circuit of America Track in Austin TX.


We originally had plans to go to Austin TX this year for the Formula One race but decided to hold off on it. It was very costly for the 2 of us to go and especially since Thanksgiving is next week. A three day weekend would have cost a small fortune with a 3 day ticket for one person is about 499.00 yes you read that right. That does not include airfare, hotel, rental car and food.  So we are hoping we can make it there next year. 

Go Fernando Alonso!!! 

UPDATE:  Lewis Hamilton won the Circuit of Americas race!!! Congrats to you as you do deserve that win!!!

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