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It is that time of the year again!


Cleaning Out Inventory

Well it is that time of the year where I need to move out inventory for the upcoming holiday season.  I made two new batches of soap and I need the room for 3 more batches that I will be making in the next few days so I need to move out some of my soaps that have only a few left in stock.  Here your chance to get some of these wonderful soaps or I will use them up! :-)

Pink Lemonade Scrub soap. I only have a few left of these in stock. Lovely soap and has a wonderful scent. This is a nice size bar weighing in at about 4.8-5.0 oz.

 Tropical Spice a unique blend of Lime, Clove Bud Madagascar, Cinnamon Leaf, Pepper Black, & Nutmeg. It has a added ground cloves for a nice soothing scrub. Great for men  and women. 

Last but not least, Love Spell.  Love Spell has  a fruity sweet notes of Italian Bergamot, White Lady Peach and Strawberry mixed with middle notes of Apple Blossom, African Tamarind and a touch of Damask Rose. A B&BW duplicate fragrance. We only have a few of these l…