Scented Lotion Sticks are back!!!

Back from Spring and Summer hiatus. Our Scented Solid Lotion Stick are back. One of our best selling items.  We have a slightly new look too. What are lotions sticks?

Lotion bars or sticks are solid moisturizing sticks. A great substitute for lotions. Lotion sticks or bars are activated by your bodys heat and can be used anywhere on the body such as the hands, feet, elbows, face, or anywhere you need to spot treat quickly.

Our lotion sticks lotion sticks can be applied directly to areas in need of moisturizing. The stick can be rubbed on these areas until it heats and softens and gently rubbing in.  Our lotion sticks may feel a little greasy when it is in direct contact with you skin but when it is rubbed in, it quickly absorbs into the skin. The ideal time to use lotion sticks is right before bedtime. Applying a hard lotion before bed is that the lotion has all night to penetrate through the skin, and you can wake up feeling soft and smooth. Try it on your feet and wear a pair soft during the night. The warmth from the socks help the lotion penetrate the outer layers of the skin. You feet will look marvelous in the morning.

Our Scented Lotion Sticks come in a wide variety of scents and will be prepared at the time of your order. None of our lotion bars are premade and pre scented, this is to allows our customers to customize the scent YOU want not what I want. We have always been this way and will continue to allow the customers pick and choose their own scents.

Also try out Organic Pure Cocoa Butter Sticks. This is 100% unscented pure organic cocoa butter. It has that wonderful cocoa butter scent that I absolutely love.

This is also available in our small travel size .50 oz to try before you buy.
Not feeling well? Need to open up those nasal passages and just a bit  under the weather? Try our Vapor Rub Solid Sticks. Just like our lotions stick except these have a cooling vapor and menthol added to cooling relaxing relief.  This is also great for aching muscles associated with the flu or cold and or sore muscles in the needs and back.

All of these lotion stick are available at these locatoins:

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