It's Been A Long And Hot Summer

It's has been a long time since I last posted. A lot of things going on with my personal life and busy busy busy. Every time I go to sit down and write, I get distracted and something else comes up. So now I am able to sit down and update my blog.

My mom and my son came to visit us this Summer. It was a short visit but we were thrilled to have them here finally. Getting my mom out of the city is like pulling teeth.  I don't think she likes to travel much anymore but since my son stays with her to keep an eye on her, she only really came because he was able to. My son was laid off recently so he has a little more free time to do things. He worked weekends and days and nights so it was hard for him to set time aside to come and visit, which I completely understand. I am glad they only live 2 1/2 hours away up I-95 in Philadelphia. My mom hasn't been here since we first moved to our new home which was back in 2009 so a lot has changed in our neighborhood. It is not as empty as it was before as they have completed our phase with more new homes behind us and on the other side so the neighborhood is completed. New malls and shopping centers have gone up since the last time she has been here so a lot has change in that short amount of time. LOL But overall I am glad they finally did come and visit. We don't get visitors to home so trying to get our families to come visit is like pulling teeth. We are usually the ones that make the effort to come visit family but we said no more visits till they make the effort to come visit us for a change.

This has been a really hot and humid Summer here in Northern VA/DC area. Mostly for June and July. August so far has been very pleasant considering August is usually the hots month of the year but mid 80's have been great. There were some nights where it went down to a cool 65 degrees. I'll take it.  I have never much for Summer hot weather. I get cranky and irritable when I am hot and sweaty so I don't prefer the Summer as much as I did when I was a little girl. Being outside when I was a child during the Summer months was a joy.  I really liked my Summer vacations when I was a kid. I lived about 5 blocks (long blocks) from the beach so we use to walk to the beach and spend all day there. And we participated in a Drum and Bugle Corp which was so much fun because we got to travel to different cities to compete and march in the Miss America Parade in September, playing outside with my friends, jumping rope, eating a lot of junk food. Nowadays parents are afraid to leave your kids outside for fear some pervert will stalk or even take them. The world hasn't change it's the people in it that has changed.

 So I have fond memories of my childhood Summers. Now I am so looking forward to the Fall. My favorite time of the year. The air is crisp, fresh and dry and I love how the leaves know exactly when to change colors. Unfortunately in our home development, they didn't add too many tress around our neighborhood so I sort of missed the trees.  Our previous home had a beautiful full tree in front of our home that gave us so much shade as we got alot of sun in the afternoons.  But that tree met his doom when a huge storm knocked it down and onto our neighbors house.  No one was hurt thank goodness but the tree had to be cut down. Now that we have moved, no trees to be seen in our current neighborhood. :-( But that can be a good thing because no leaves to rake and no leaves falling in our gutters for us to retrieve. That was a pain in the butt to do. So that is a plus.

I have been working on a few new items. Some will arrive next month and some have already been listed.

New to our line of soaps

Mystic Mint Cold Process Soap. I love the combination of wonderful essential oils makes this soap fantastic. This has a great lather and made with all vegetable oils. I never use animals fats in my soaps so this is great for vegans.

Cucumber Melon Hot Process Soap. I have had many request for this soap so I decided to make using the hot process soap making method. As you can see it has a more rustic appearance than the cold process soap above. Cucumber Melon is one of my all time favorite scents. This is timeless fragrance that just about everyone is familiar with. But I have to say that this fragrance is more melon than cucumber as this fragrance was purchased from a different supplier but still a great smelling soap and I think kids will love using it as well.

The last soap that I finished is the Pumpkin Vanilla. I have been wanting to make this soap for the longest time but any fragrance oil that contains vanilla tend to make soap turn a dark brown color over time so I have hesitant in making this soap. I have a vanilla stabilizer that I can use in my soaps but never really tried it until now.  Here is the batch that I just completed. The top part of the soap I used the vanilla stabilizer in as this is the part of the soaps that  DON"T  want to turn brown so I added it to this section of the soap. The bottom and the brown top I did not add because as you can see it is already brown so making it darker won't matte much. But it smells AWESOME and I can't wait til this is finish curing. This should be ready for sale around the Sept 15th right in time for my birthday. whohooo.

I am not that great in the design department when it comes to my soaps and I don't strive to make them fancy looking soaps either as I want my soaps to be used not admired about how beautiful they are. The more beautiful they are the less chance of anyone wanting to use them. I want my soaps to be good to use and good for your skin not so much fancy.  My husband and I use my soaps every single day and our skin has never looked good.

With that being said, lets move on to what will be returning in Sept.  Our Body Butter Lotion bars will be returning with new labels. I have been working on new labels lately since I have new better waterproof  labels to go with my new laser printer that prints fabulous labels. :-)

I will also bring back our Cocoa Butter Bath Fizzy Melts. This is not a great photo of them but you get the idea. These will return next month in the set of 12 and 20. I really love these especially since we have a really large and deep bath tub in our new home, Taking baths is such a joy.  These melt during the Summer and they will go off if any moisture gets to them so that is why I don't sell them during the summer. Some of our products have held up well during the Summer months especially our lip balms. That is why I continue to sell them during the Summer months.

So in closing, I will continue to update you on upcoming items and I hope you had a great Summer and come and visit us at our Etsy shop and our new shop. Our website will be closing soon. Yeah I am sorry to say but I do better at Etsy and Luulla. I can't say that I have tried so I have to try other things that will work so I don't feel bad about it. My customers just prefer to shop at Etsy

Thanks again for stopping by
Michelle :-)

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