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Labor Day Weekend Sale!!

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Have a great weekend and I hope you have a happy and safe fun Labor Day!

Pegasus Soaps

Healthy Hair

Us women use so much stuff in our hair to keep it looking nice. We use chemicals such as relaxers (for women of color) which over time can really damage the hair, hair colors, perms, and heat. Heat is one of the main causes of damaged hair. I know I have put my hair through so much hair color that it just won't take color anymore so I have had it with hair colors. No more. I am going to treat my hair like gold from now on. Us women put so much stress on our hair and we don't realize that with all the things we do it that we think is making it look nice, it's really destroying . Here are some tips I think you will find helpful that will help repair or keep your hair looking fabulous.

To maintain proper body functions your body needs variety of vitamins and minerals.
In the same way, good nutrition is required not only for your body but for your hair also.

Good nutrition plays a vital role in healthy hair growth.  There are several vitamins that are used for ha…

It's Been A Long And Hot Summer

It's has been a long time since I last posted. A lot of things going on with my personal life and busy busy busy. Every time I go to sit down and write, I get distracted and something else comes up. So now I am able to sit down and update my blog.

My mom and my son came to visit us this Summer. It was a short visit but we were thrilled to have them here finally. Getting my mom out of the city is like pulling teeth.  I don't think she likes to travel much anymore but since my son stays with her to keep an eye on her, she only really came because he was able to. My son was laid off recently so he has a little more free time to do things. He worked weekends and days and nights so it was hard for him to set time aside to come and visit, which I completely understand. I am glad they only live 2 1/2 hours away up I-95 in Philadelphia. My mom hasn't been here since we first moved to our new home which was back in 2009 so a lot has changed in our neighborhood. It is not as empty a…