Our Handmade Laundry Soaps Are Back

Yes our handmade laundry soaps are back in stock for those that have asked for them. So why were they gone for so long? Well I use a lot of my own laundry soap and it goes pretty fast and I get pretty lazy because of all the soap I have to shredded. It is very time consuming and to make large batches ahead of time, takes some time for me to do. So what do I have in stock now? Well I have Mango Tango, White Tea and Ginger, and Lemon Sugar.

Each bag will include a wooden scoop for your convenience. Great for both HE washers and top loader washers. Please note as I have been asked this a lot. The laundry scents are from our cold and hot process soaps. This is where the scents originate from. The laundry soap WILL NOT scent your clothing. I have been asked many times from customers that have bought natural laundry soaps and was disappointed that they clothes didn't have a fragrance. If it is more important for your clothing to smell good, you may want to either stick to commercial or continue your search for natural laundry soap that scent your clothing. The laundry soap in itself will make your clothes nice and soft so no fabric softener is needed.

If you are looking for a nice dryer that can scent your clothing. I would recommend Arm and Hammer 2-1 dryer cloths. They are lightly scented and made out of a thick cloth. These are great and I sometimes use these in my dryer. I don't use these for my husband's clothing as he doesn't like his clothes scented as it will clash with his cologne. These are great.

Our laundry soaps will soften your clothes without these but if you are looking to lightly scent your clothes. Try these. They are hard to find in retail stores but you can find them at the Arm and Hammer website or at Amazon. I have found these at my local CVS.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget our SPRING TIME sale ends March 24 so stop by our Etsy or Artfire studios and use coupon code "SRPINGTIME" COUPON CODE at checkout to receive 15% off our order. No coupons required at our website. All soaps at our website are already marked down.

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