African Black Soap is Back

I have been asked a number of times when I will have the African Black soap back in stock. I now have it available with Nag Champa. One of my favorite scents. It fits perfect with this type of soap as it has a earth yet nice scent to it that both men and women will like. I will have the Vanilla Sandalwood back in stock within the next week or so.

We also have made more of the African Liquid Black soap. I have made enough of this soap to last a bit so this will be in stock a lot longer. It seems to sell as fast as I can make it and I am very happy that customers really enjoy using this soap. It is a bit thin but for this type of soap, it does not need to be thickened. Customers cam request this soap to be thickened but it is really no need to. A little goes a very long way and it is very soapy as a thin soap. For this soap you can choose from a variety of scents we have available or you can get a customized scent from a list of fragrances and or essential oils we have in stock. This makes a great shampoo and a facial wash. It is loaded with Shea Butter and will leave you skin feeling very smooth and soft. The more you use it the better your skin will begin to look and feel better.

So if you would like to try either one of our African Black Soaps, you can visit our Etsy Shop, Website or Artfire Studio for these soaps.

Also I wanted to let those that have emailed me about the Natural Laundry Soaps, I haven't forgotten about them and I will have them back but only available at our Artfire Studio. Thank you for your inquiry and I will have them back soon. A newsletter will be sent out when they become available which will be sometime this month.

Thanks again for stopping by
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