Mud Mud and More Mud

We have wonderful mud mask for your face. So the questions is which do you prefer? Good questions. We have 2 types of muds for your face. Both are terrific so let's start with the the Dead Sea Mud.

Dead Sea Mud is loaded with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, bromine and calcium and provides many health and skin benefits including. Dead Sea mud pulls out toxins and pollutants unclogging pores and purifying skin revealing a younger, healthier skin. Dead Sea mud one of the healthiest things you can use for your skin

Arctic Mineral mud has a unique toning mask to detoxify and achieve baby smooth skin. Ours is made with 100% Arctic mud powder, Aloe Vera and Aloe Vera Extracts and a touch of Sweet Almond oil. Dead Sea mud has a slight stinging effect when used for several times til your face adjust to the mineral in the mud, this mud is mild on all skin types.

I make all my mud by hand so you can assure quality freshness. Plus if you like it scented, we can add an essential oil to it. Each jar comes with one of our 1 oz sampler toners to refresh your face after each facial treatment. So why not try my muds today. Available at our Website and our Etsy shop. Check under our Facial Care categories at both locations.

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