Sunday, October 30, 2011


We are having a BOGO Sale going on at our Etsy and Artfire Shops. Buy 1 bar of soap and get the second one free. If you buy 2 bars you get 2 Free and if you buy 3 bars you get 3 free.

(3 free soap limit)

Yup that's right. Still need to clear out inventory and our loss is your gain. So why not jump on this great opportunity to try out our soaps. If you have always wanted to try our soaps, here is your chance to do so. I will not have anymore soaps available til after the new year. These will make great holiday gifts.

What you need to do? Simple just buy your soap and at checkout add the additional bar or bars in the "message to seller" box so I will know why soap you would like to get for free. If none is specified, I will just add the same bar to your order. Pretty simple huh. So don't miss out. Offer good while supplies last. (Soap inventory may change during the sale so some soaps may or may not be available. The sale will be ongoing so it can be 3 day or 3 weeks.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cocoa Butter Body Butter Cream 4 oz

Cocoa Butter Body Butter Cream 4 oz

Our Cocoa Butter body cream includes Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, which both of these butters are excellent for the skin. Both butters help reduce the appearances of scars, blemishes,and other imperfections in the skin. In addition, we added Vitamin E and C.

Although this body cream was meant for the body, it can be used on the face. It has a very thick consistency so very little on the face is recommended and would be great as a moisturizer.

This cream has a wonderful natural scent of the cocoa butter and is great all on its own without any fragrances added. Once applied, it absorbs very quickly without ANY greasy feeling and you will begin to smell the natural cocoa butter.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Use Natural Scrubs

Why not use natural facial scrubs and exfoliants?

A facial scrubs contains exfoliating ingredients that remove dead and dull skin cells, resulting in a brighter complexion. (They can also unclog pores and moisturize the skin. Natural facial scrubs use natural ingredients that exfoliants like ground nuts, seeds, fruit, sugar and salt instead. These facial scrubs alternatives help you achieve healthy and radiant skin without the harsh chemicals used in your over the counter scrubs.

So now that you heard why natural facial scrubs are the better choice why not try some.

Pomegranate & Berries

This is one of my most popular sugar scrubs. Not only does it contains natural ingredients, it smells terrific. We use sugar and berry seeds for exfoliants that will leave your face feeling soft and smooth. This can be used all over the body.

Herbal Oatmeal Facial Scrub

This Herbal Oatmeal Facial Scrub made from a variety of herbs such as dried rose petals, calendula flowers, chamomile, lavender. These wonderful herbs have been blended into this awesome facial scrub. This herbal oatmeal scrub is scented with lavender, chamomile, tea tree essential oil. It has a rich dark color but smells divine and very easy to use. I have had many glowing remarks about this scrub and a great alternative for going all natural.

These are just a few examples of really nice scrubs to try. These are also available at our Etsy shop and our website.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Got Dry Skin?

There are a lot of misconceptions about handmade soap and dry skin. Yes if you buy the right type of handmade soap you can avoid dry skin. I find that a lot of melt and pour soaps can be very drying to the skin (sorry just my opinion and some may disagree) but no matter how natural or expensive the M&P Glycerin soap I buy, I can still tell the difference and it still makes my skin dry. I know there are so many pretty, fragrant and colorful glycerin soaps but are they good for your skin? That is what you should be asking yourself. Cold or hot process soap is the best bet for you. Of course if you are still buying over the counter soaps, you will continue to have dry skin. Those soaps are detergent and beauty bars. With the combinations of those soaps and hard water areas you will continue to have dry skin.

Using harsh, alkaline soaps and soaking too long and too often in very hot baths can do it.

Overheated homes with low humidity, as well as air-conditioning (which also lowers the relative humidity) contributes to dry skin. Other factors include too much sunbathing, overexposure to wind and cold, fuzzy and woolen clothing, towels and sheets that you may have laundered in harsh detergents but not rinsed well enough, and nutritional problems resulting from poor diet

Here are some tips for avoiding dry skin:

Increase the relative humidity in your home to at least 40 percent by properly adjusting the heating or air-conditioning systems. If this is not practicable, buy a good, commercial room humidifier. When your windows fog up, and when your wallpaper begins to peel, you won't have dry skin!

Don't overheat your home. In the winter, keep room temperature as low as possible consistent with comfort. Cold winter air holds less moisture than warm air.

Use bath and shower additives. These will help keep the skin moisturized.

When you bathe or shower, don't use extremely hot water or harsh soaps. Pat, do not rub your skin dry.

Apply moisturizing creams or lotions try a good lotion with natural ingredients such as our Botanical and Shea Butter Lotions.
Try it on damp skin right after the shower or bath. This will help lock in the moisture in the upper layers of the skin.

If you have hard water, consider installing a water-softening device.

Avoid excessive sunbathing, cold temperatures, and strong winds.

Don't wear heavy, woolen, fuzzy clothing.

Do not sleep under electric blankets. This heat sucks out all the moisture from your skin.

Keep healthy, make sure you eat a well-balanced diet, and drink plenty of water.

Avoid taking hot showers during the winter. Just like the sun can dry your skin and hot curling irons can dry your hair. Heat can cause dryness. Hot showers can draw moisture from your skin. Take warm or cool showers.

If you suffer from dry skin, try switching to mild gentle cleansers and use soothing bath oils and water-attracting creams and lotions that keep in your skin natural moisture and leave it smooth, soft, and supple. The goal of dry skin therapy is to restore and maintain moisture in the skin, and the best way to treat dry skin is to prevent it in the first place.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Botanical Facial Cleanser and Toner

Our Botanical Facial Cleanser and Facial Toner

This is a gentle cleanser that is softening and soothing to the skin. This facial cleanser has great conditioning properties of a lotion. The mild foaming action is derived from sources like corn, coconut and sugar beets and emulsified to a creamy consistency. It has added Chamomile, Aloe, Cucumber and Japanese Green Tea extracts, each used to soothe, tighten and act as an anti-oxidant on the skin.

These Botanicals can assist in epidermal problems and inflammation, each with extensive historical data. This is gentle for all skin types and suitable for daily use.

Our Facial Toner is a great toner that is perfect for any skin type. The aloe and rose distillate makes this a very gentle toner This is a facial toner for use after using any scrub, clay or mud mask. It is a essential step that is often over looked. This step closes the pores, adjusts the pH of the skin and removes any remaining cleanser or dirt from the skin.

This facial toner feels so cool on your skin and it takes away any remaining dirt that your soap residue, scrubs or masks and leaves it soft and smooth. Available in essential oils and essential oil blends only.

This is available at our website, our Etsy shop and our Artfire Studio

I know you will not be disappointed with both of these facial treatments. We also have samples available to try before you buy and individual bottles Toners and Botanical Cleansers if you want one and not the other.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Limon Collection

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cool Citrus Basil Treasury

Today's Feature Treasuries that I am featured in today at Etsy. Please stop by and show some love to all of the wonderful items that are listed. It is a beautiful treasury with some great items

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Featured Items of the Day

One of my favorites is Wind Chill. It has the most unique wintery scent.

One of my all time favorites as it has a peppermint and cooling affect that is just relaxing. The best way to describe it is a cool and refreshing to bolster confidence and invigorate, essential oil peppermint, plums, peaches and acquatics balanced with the dusting of powdery

You may also like the French Lavender. Another favorite of mine. This is a lavender that is just a bit different than your traditional lavenders. This is a sweeter lavender. Very different than what you are experience with the other lavenders. Some people don't like lavender but this is definitely sweeter.

For those that love the smell of Banana Nut Bread. Try this mixture of juicy ripe bananas with a hint of something nutty. Who can resist this scent. This will definitely get you in the holiday mood and maybe into some baking. I know every time I light one of these I get in the mood for something sweet. Who doesn't like the smell of home baked Banana Nut Bread. A perfect combination to make your home smell like you have been baking all day.

All of these lovely soy tarts can be found at our Etsy, Artfire, and website locations. Plus we have more to choose from but these were my favorites.


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Monday, October 10, 2011

1 week Columbus Day Sale

If you haven't received my newsletter of our Columbus Day Sale then here is your chance. I usually have my soap sale around this time of the year so what better time then on Columbus Day.

It is about that time of the year where I am clearing out ALL soaps. Everything must go I mean everything! Why do you ask? I have discontinued making soaps for awhile and I will only make a few batches here and there. I am taking the time to redo all my soap recipes to make improvements where needed. For those that enjoy using my soaps, I will continue to make special request batches and I will peridoically have soaps available. This was a hard decison but it is something I have been thinking about doing for some time now.

They will go fast and stock will be on a first come first serve basis. I can not guarantee that the soaps you want will be in stock at the time of your order so please make a note of that when ordering.

Ok the details....

20% will automatically taken off in our soap category at
Artfire and at our website but if you prefer to use Etsy, you will have to use a coupon code. Sorry but it takes time to edit every single listing at Etsy since you can not put categories on sale there, so it is easier to just use the coupon code.

The coupon code at Etsy is

Sale ends Oct 17 12am EST US. Sale prices cannot be used on previously placed orders. This sale only applies to our cold and hot process soaps. Our clearance items are excluded from this sale.
Valid on instock items and no reserves.

When ordering 4 ,5, 6 ,8 bulk soaps we may not have all of the soaps you request in stock so please prepare to have alternative soaps of your choice.


If you are ONLY ordering soaps, please use the Flat Rate Shipping price of $5.00 for the bulk soaps of 4, 5 6, 8 soaps. This makes it easier for us to quickly ship your soaps in the flat rate envelopes.

Also keep in mind that our shopping cart is linked to USPS which makes our shipping prices more accurate based on the correct weight of the items so keep this in mine when ordering multiple items.

I hope you take advantage of our soap sale and thank you for being such great customers.
If you have any questions about the sale, please don't hesitate to email me at

~Michelle ~
Pegasus Soaps

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Artfire Collection

Must Be The Music collection. I had so much fun making this collection with so many wonderful items to choose from. I wish I could have added them all.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Item Of The Day

2 Chocolate Butter Cream Foaming Bath Bomb Cookie

No you can't eat these but they sure look delicious. These are my delicious Chocolate Buttercream Foaming Bath Bomb Cookies.

You will get 2 thick cookie like bath bombs with a nice creamy middle. Each cookie will weigh approx 4.0

Wondering how this work and how do you use them?

Each cookie is made with Baking soda, citric acid, foaming agent, goats milk powder, cocoa powder, colloidal oatmeal, sweet almond oil.Creamy filling is made with Shea and Aloe butter, Kaolin White Clay, and refine or unrefined cocoa butter.

How does it work? simple just run a warm or hot bath, you can cut one of these in half or crumble or drop a whole cookie in the bath and watch it dissolve into a buttery foaming bath.

Bathtub maybe a bit slippery when done but you body will love you for it.

I added a Chocolate fragrance for the cookie part and Butter Cream for the Shea/Aloe Butter Filling.

I will only make these during the Fall and Winter months as the Shea/Aloe butter filling will definitely melt during the warmer weather.

Also these will make great gifts too.

Chocolate Mint Foaming Mini Bath Bomb

New Chocolate Mint Foaming Bath Bombs. This is a package of 8 mini size bath bombs.

The bath bombs are made with real cocoa and added foaming agent to give it a nice little bubble bath as they start to fizz. The Cocoa Bath bombs are scented with a creamy chocolate fragrance and the mint is scented with a cooling peppermint fragrance. These little babies will fill your bath with a light foaming action instead of just fizzing.

Keep for yourself or give as a gift or keep for yourself. They are homemade by me and are great as for the holidays. These are made per order so color will may vary from picture.

Total weight of bag will be approximately 8 oz. Treat yourself to a fun and relaxing bath treat.

Each bag will be shipped a small box USPS First Class Parcel to ensure the bath bombs do not get crushed during transit.

These are available at our Artfire Studio and at our Etsy Shop

And and as a reminder, we ALWAYS combine shipping and use flat rate padded envelopes and flat rate boxes for smaller and large orders. Shipping for large orders will not exceed 10.95 (for most orders that will fit in the flat rate boxes)

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