New Liquid Foamer Soaps

We have something new for you. New Liquid Foamer soaps. This is a unique blend of castile soap with a moisturizing hand sanitizer. All blended together with special blends of essential oils to treat your hands like gold. They clean, sanitize and moisturizes your hands all in one.

My DH and I wash our hands many times during the day when we are at home and our hand seem to dry out for the hard water that is in our home so this was a great alternative for our hands. I thought this would be to share with our customers.

You may go to our website, Etsy or Artfire to purchase one of these bottles. They come in Lemon Tea Tree, Mandarin Neroli, Lavender, Honey Almond, Eucalyptus Mint, and Strawberry so the kids can have something to use too.

coming soon.... Moisturizing Shaving Cream, Pink Lemonade and Love Spell Hot Process Soaps :-)

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