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Discontinued Items?

The weather is getting warmer everywhere and that means that some items will have to be discontinued til the Fall. I will have these available til the Sunday April 17th. So if you would like to get them now, here is your chance before they disappear and will not return til the Fall. Some items like our Shea Butter Lip balms haven't had any problems with the warm weather in the past so we will be keeping them around but will have to caution customers that it is still a possiblity that they will soften upon arrival and can be refridgerated to harden again but they do hold up well in the Summer because of the candelilia wax that we use instead of beeswax.

These are the items that will be discontinued

Whipped Shea Body Butter
Solid Lotion Sticks

Some of our sugar scrubs maybe discontinued as well but I haven't decided which will be discontinued. Check our blog updates and I will have a list of sugar scrubs that may be discontinued til the Fall. I have had some problems with some of the jars leaking a little under the cap. For some customers this is annoying and for some it is no big deal as our labels are all water proof but I have tried everything to eleviate this problem but nothing seems to work. Not all shipments result in our sugar scrubs leaking but some do.

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