Winter Blues

Old man winter has really caused a lot of problems for most of the US this winter. I know most of us are just about sick of snow. I have to say that in the DC/Northern VA area, we haven't seen much snow this year compared to last year. Ever since I have lived in this area, we haven't had bad winters. Last year was a not the normal with all that snow.

I think this photo pretty much sums it up as how most of us are feeling about all the snow. My mom lives in Philadelphia and so does my son. They have seen so much snow this year that there is literally no place to put it all. The city has been crippled with snow. They are just sick of it.

Winter is not one of my favorite times of the year. Whenever I am indoors a lot I tend to eat more and exercise less. You know the hum drum feeling. I have been feeling a bit hum drum lately and don't know why. I feel a bit anti social. I don't mean to be but at times I don't feel like being bothered. I do have wonderful plurk friends and they are very supportive and wonderful to chat with. Most of them are Artfire sellers like myself. I can't stand Twitter as I never have anything to say and just don't want to be saying anything just to be tweeting. I don't think most of my followers on there want to know what I am doing every minute of the day and promoting cause me to lose followers.

So I am so despritely waiting the Spring. Spring is one of my all time favorite seasons. Everything that has died and dried up during the Winter months have become alive again. The flowers start to bloom and the air is clean and fresh. Of course we have to deal with the rain that comes with Spring but hey I will take it. I see it as the rain washing away all the nasty stuff left over from Winter and starting over with a a clean slate. :-)

So if you are like me and feeling the Winter Blues, hang in there. It is almost over and we can get back that old feeling again of enjoying being outside again.

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