New Labels

I have been working on some new labels for 2011. Nothing fancy but not that much different than what I had before. I wanted something with a boutique style to it. And yes I did them myself. I don't have an professional printer to do them as I would be constantly changing them as I am never satisfied with how they look or what I really want. Yeah I am like that. I can never decide how I want them to look. But I think I am satisfied with them. Most of the bottles will look the same and I am not sure how I will be changing the jars. I may just leave the jars alone for now but this is the new look. Ingredients are on the side of the labels so no separate labels for ingredients.

Shea Butter Lotions 8oz and 4 oz bottles.

New Organic Castile Body Wash

Air and Linen Sprays. A slight change on these labels but not much.

New Soft & Silky Body Powders

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