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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Wait its July! Yes Christmas in July sales are going on right now. I got the scoop on some of the best seller around that are having a HUGE CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE. Get your Christmas shopping early, get that perfect birthday gift you have been wanting to get or just get something for yourself. Hey the economy has been bad yes, but you deserve to treat yourself to something nice and this is the time to get in on the bargains and sales.

Firs the the list

Shiny Adornments This Artfire seller has a BIG 40% off sale. Don't miss out. Oh did I mention they ship internationally too.

Emily Clair Creations Wonderful Jewelry creations. Use coupon code 15PERCENTOFF to receive your15% off. They are also located at

Handarbeitskram Great variety of things: hand dyed yarns, stitch markers, patterns, custom knit items - that's what HANDARBEITSKRAM means in German, a bit of everything crafted by hand. Use code Summer Sale and get 15% of…

When You Just Gotta Have It!

I think you all know what I am referring to don't ya. Yup all thes new electronics that just recently surfaced. The new Iphone and IPad. To be honest with you, there has been other versions of the IPhone and I never actually held one til just recently this weekend when my husband and I stopped over at Best Buys. Ok starting with this new IPhone. Ok I thought it was really neat, with all the new bells and whistles were nice especially with all the hundreds of apps you can get to make things much easy. But after holding it, touching it and going through everything this phone had to offer, I had to ask myself. Do I REALLY need to have access to the internet 24/7 days a week? Do I really need to have this Iphone. Ok I barely use my cell phone as it is. Especially when I am out and when I am driving. So many people are just addicted to the internet with Twitter and Facebook and have to be on it all the time even just sitting in the Dr. office. They just have to know what the heck is go…