Item of The Week

Each week now til the end of the year, I will be introducing a new item for that week. This week I am showcasing a very lovely shop BugEater. She is such a delight and I wanted to showcase an item of hers this week. You can find this item on Artfire at BugEater

Today's Item of the Week

A nachaq is basically the hood of a parka (atkuk). These days it is also a word used for hat since not everyone wear's parka's anymore. I remember walking into my grandmother's house on cold winter days and nights and my grandmother and/or aunt (if she was there) would ask, "Nauga nacan?" - "Where is your hat?" I never liked wearing hats because I didn't like getting hat hair! Another reason why I love nachaq's so much- you never get hat hair with them! Not only that, but they also work well as a scarf. Made so they can be worn up over your head like a hood but also covering your neck at the same time to keep you warm. Gorgeous, warm and versatile!

Here's a gorgeous curry colored nachaq that is all done and ready to ship!

Measurements: 17.5in L and 14.5in W

70% merino wool and 30% silk lace weight yarn and even though it is a wool blend it is not itchy at all. So soft and warm, light as a feather with a gorgeous and interesting pattern.

This is perfect to help keep you nice and warm, avoid hat hair, and avoid the hassle of wearing a separate hat and scarf! It is also a very nice yarn and doesn't make you itch.

Wear it up over your head or down around your neck, it is pretty and functional. It is long enough that when you wear it like a hood it keeps your neck warm too, as previously stated.

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