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Christmas Giveaway

It is that time of the year and I thought I offer a blog giveaway this year. I want to offer my blog readers a Soap Christmas Giveaway. What do you need to do to enter? Simply comment to this post and answer What Do You Love Most About The Christmas Holidays? If you are a winner, you will receive one of our Cold or Hot Process Soaps of your choice. Here are a few of our soaps

Dead Sea Mud Soap

Pomegranate & Berries

Mediterranean Garden Spa

Each entry will automatically be entered. Each person that comments will be selected at random and announced December 15th. If you are logged on when you comment, I will contact you through your blog, if not please check back on December 15th to see if you are a winner so I can get information from you to ship your prize. That is it! Good Luck and Happy Holidays to you all

Item of The Week by Jewelled Trellis

This week I am showcasing an lovely Artfire artisan that is located just right next door to the US in Canada. Jewelled Trellis has some really lovely and unique items in her studio at Artfire. I personally have bought a pair of lovely earrings from her in the past as a gift for my mom and she loved it. As with past items of the week, it is very difficult to choose just one item. Everything is so pretty, photos are fabulous and I decided to go with the Amethyst Harlequin Opal Filigree Hair Jewelry Combs. It just reminds me of the hair combs my grandmother use to wear. It has that antique feel. This is something that you want to keep as a keepsake and pass down to another generation. It is that pretty. Please take some time and stop by her studio.

Elegant antiqued sterling silver plated brass stampings and beautiful Amethyst harlequin opal art glass make these combs a beautiful gift. The combs are a bright silver and have 15 teeth to hold you hair beautifully. They are quite durable (my…

Shop Handmade This Christmas

If you are looking to get really good quality items this Christmas, then you really should look into handmade items. When you have someone spend their time, energy and money on making an item, to me it is so worth it. It has been a very long time since I have bought items from retail stores. Handmade items are so much more special to give then store bought manufactured items. These are some of the best handmade shops to shop in. Stop by and take a look and I hope you decide to buy handmade this Christmas.

Auntifranni – ArtFire Artisan Studio

aislinnseroticjewels – ArtFire Artisan Studio

Badgereels -Artfire Artisan Studio

Butterfly-Crafts -Website

C Newcomb Woodworking – Artfire Artisan Studio

ColtPixy – ArtFire Artisan Studio

CWinspirations – ArtFire Artisan Studio

CatsWire – ArtFire Artisan Studio

CharSpirit – ArtFire Artisan Studio

CrysallisCreations – ArtFire Artisan Studio

DerondaDesigns – ArtFire Artisan Studio

DsignsofAvalon – ArtFire Artisan Studio

EmilyClaireCreations – ArtFire Artisan …

Item of the Week

This week I will be showcasing a lovely studio from Artfire called Haffina Creations This shop is located in the beautiful country of Australia, one of my very favorite places I hope to visit some day. Haffina Creations also ships to the US so no problem shipping to the US. She has a lovely variety of jewelry from earrings, necklaces and much more. Something for everyone. It was so hard to pick just one item but I decided to go with this bracelet. Stop by and take a look at her lovely collection.

Two for One Byzantine and Spiral Chainmaille Bracelet

This Chainmaille bracelet made with Jeweller's Brass rings and EPDM rubber rings in two different weaves.One side is spiral weave, the other is Byzantine with with rubber rings for stretch and to eliminate the need for a clasp. This bracelet is designed for a small wrist, but could be extended if required.Jeweller's Brass is a fabulous metal that mimics the look of gold, without the cost.

Item of The Week

Each week now til the end of the year, I will be introducing a new item for that week. This week I am showcasing a very lovely shop BugEater. She is such a delight and I wanted to showcase an item of hers this week. You can find this item on Artfire at BugEater

Today's Item of the Week

A nachaq is basically the hood of a parka (atkuk). These days it is also a word used for hat since not everyone wear's parka's anymore. I remember walking into my grandmother's house on cold winter days and nights and my grandmother and/or aunt (if she was there) would ask, "Nauga nacan?" - "Where is your hat?" I never liked wearing hats because I didn't like getting hat hair! Another reason why I love nachaq's so much- you never get hat hair with them! Not only that, but they also work well as a scarf. Made so they can be worn up over your head like a hood but also covering your neck at the same time to keep you warm. Gorgeous, warm and versatile!

Here's a g…