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I have been on Artfire since November 2008 and I love there. I started there when it was just beginning to take off. Over the years I have seen it become a great place to shop and sell. With the Pro account you get many tools and widges than what you would get from Etsy and many other selling venues. It was the best thing I could have done for my business.

Artfire has no listing fees, no commission fees, for Basic or Pro accounts. Ok so you are wondering what is this Group deal?

Well here ya go. Its simple, if you have a shop on Artfire for either Basic or Pro. (doesn't matter what you are paying now) if you opt in on the Group Deal, your shop will only be 5.95 a month. And that is as long as you have Pro Studio there. If you have a Basic studio now and opt in, you will automatically will get bumped to Pro and pay only 5.95 a month.

Here are more details

•There is no risk to you, the only thing that can change is that your rate will go down if you a current Pro Account.

•If for some reason 20,000 of our 80,000 sellers do not want to take advantage of this offer – NO ONE will be charged and you WILL NOT lose your locked-in rate you are enjoying right now.

•If the deal is on, your old subscription rate will be canceled and you’ll pay $5.95 on your next scheduled billing date. (This includes Pro members who pay for 3 months at a time, Pro 500 Members who pre-paid for the year, and any other member with pre-paid account time, you can (and should) opt-in to this deal now and you will begin your $5.95/month subscription when your pre-paid time expires, whenever that date is.)

Ok so you are wondering what is the catch? No catch. I think this is a excellent deal for newcomers to the sight and for those that are a tight budget.

For more information please read Click here for all the terms and agreement.

So lets go spread the word out and get that 5.95 Pro account and lets starts selling our goods. You just can't beat the offer!!
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