Go Eco Friendly :-)

I recently made a purchase from this awesome Etsy shop called MicroMops. I am friends with the owner Amy and the second half of the team is Dee both have some great items for your every day needs.

I recently purchased these wonderful reusable and washable SWIFFER pads.

This is how it looked on my Swiffer. Very easy to use.

I love them. They come 4 in a pack and the price is very reasonable. These pads pick up so much more than the disposable pads, you'll probably want to wash them after each use, but think of the money you'll save in disposable pads!

Safe for hardwood, ceramic tile, and laminate

I use to buy a lot of the Swiffer dusting cloths to clean my wood floor. My entire kitchen is wood floor and it gets pretty dusty. These pads are great and they pick up everything. They fit right over your Swiffer sweeper and once they get pretty full, just pop it off and toss in the wash but don't use any fabric softener with these.

Here are some other awesome items in her shop that you may find useful.

Set of 6 Clothespin MAGNETS--Fridge/Office magnets--Pretty Preppy Plaid She sent me a few of these with my order and although we aren't allowed to have clothes lines in our backyard in our Townhome because of HOA rules (stupid) I used them on my fridge for notes and to keep my bags of chips closed. There are other great things you can use them for.

Reusable Eco-Friendly Microfiber Glove--ONE GLOVE--Blue Microfiber glove for dusting and cleaning. The glove is serged and fits most hands. Glove can be custom made if you send your hand measurements.

Glove is serged, and can be flipped inside out to get more cleaning out of the wipes!

Clothespin Holder Bag in Michael Miller Dysfunctional Family This nifty little bag holds 50 clothespins with room for plenty more! The bag is approx. 8 inches x 8 inches.

The bag has a drawstring to use to hang on the line, your arm, apron, belt or more!

Need a longer, bigger bag? Longer ties? Send us as convo! We'd love to help! LOTS of fabric choices available, and more designs coming soon!

Bag is machine washable, safety pin the ribbon before washing to keep it from getting lost in the casing. Ribbon is heat sealed but may fray with excessive washing.

She recently added some of my items in some of her cool Treasuries at Etsy. Check them out.

Treasury Title: Things I Want


Treasury Title: It is Not Easy Being Green


Thank you Amy for adding me to your lovely Treasuries

Ecofriendly4u This Artfire shop is great too. I knew this seller when she was at Etsy selling Bath and Body products and she has some wonderful Eco Friendly items in her Etsy and Artfire shops.

No more fighting to get the bags open, and imagine all the plastic bags getting dumped everyday!!!

This listing includes 4 LARGE RED bags that measure approx. 14" x 11"...the same measurements as some others XL.......

The bags are made with 2 layers of Mesh for extra strength.

My satin ribbons and the way they draw from both sides of the bags, make these the easiest closing bags ever! So much easier than rope ties on one side of the bag that stick when you tug them closed.


Washing is easy, just swish in some warm water with a bit of soap, rinse and allow to dry in your dish drain rack.

Pixie Patch Sandwich and Snack PackYou will recieve both and save 2.00 on the pair when you buy them together.

This is an absolutely adorable cotton print with sun, flowers, bees, caterpillars..everything a pixie would want!!

Both are lined with NON PVC heavy weight Rip stop.

Snack pouch is a whooping 7" x 6" with a bottom gusset as well.

Sandwich pouches measure a whooping approx. 8" x 7" x 1 inch deep gusset.

Lots of room for a full size sandwich or a large roll with goodies in it.

Velcro closure for freshness.



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