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Mad Love For Formula One!

For those that have no idea what I am talking about. Early this summer, I was walking by the TV when my husband was watching Formula One racing on the Speed Channel. He asked me to sit down with him and watch. Ok I wasn't really into racing but I do love cars and was so fascinated with race cars. So I sat down and watched an entire Formula One race back in the early part of June. It was awesome and over the Summer months I got to really love it. I was opened minded and gave it a chance. Now I am so hooked. I got to know the majority of the teams, the cars, and the drivers. It is like a soap opera at times with all the drama that goes on. I really love it and hope one day I will get the chance to actually go see one but most of the races take place in other countries. They don't have a race track here in the states and there are no American drivers or teams.

First lets take a look back in 1950. The very first F1 World Champion Dr Giuseppe Farina. Silverstone airfield circuit ho…

My Lastest Collections

Wow I never thought I would enjoy making collections at Artfire but I just love it. I get the chance to see so many other shops that I never get to see. I even hotlisted a lot of new items that I am considering purchasing later. So here is my latest collection. Stop by take a look and comments and ratings would be very much appreciated. I love that first photo of the crocheted handbag. These sellers are really creative. I just wish I could have shown more.

Creative Crochet

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More Artfire Collections

These are my most recent Artfire collections and my very own best selling collection of items from my studio. Stop by take a look. Comments and ratings are welcomed

Beautiful Lampwork

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Some Of My Best Selling Items