When You Just Gotta Have It!

I think you all know what I am referring to don't ya. Yup all thes new electronics that just recently surfaced. The new Iphone and IPad. To be honest with you, there has been other versions of the IPhone and I never actually held one til just recently this weekend when my husband and I stopped over at Best Buys. Ok starting with this new IPhone. Ok I thought it was really neat, with all the new bells and whistles were nice especially with all the hundreds of apps you can get to make things much easy. But after holding it, touching it and going through everything this phone had to offer, I had to ask myself. Do I REALLY need to have access to the internet 24/7 days a week? Do I really need to have this Iphone. Ok I barely use my cell phone as it is. Especially when I am out and when I am driving. So many people are just addicted to the internet with Twitter and Facebook and have to be on it all the time even just sitting in the Dr. office. They just have to know what the heck is going on at all times. I mean really. To be honest I really did like it but after further evaluation of my needs vs my wants. I find no use for it in my life to have this type of phone handy at all times. But it sure does look good doesn't it.

This is what I currently use and I love the phone.It is a The MOTO Z9 How much did I pay for it? I only paid 10.00 for it at the AT&T website when I wanted to get a new phone and it was NEW not refurbished. It has ...

A built in GPS system
* Bands/Modes: 3G HSDPA 3.6 Mbps, WCDMA 850/1900, GSM 850/900/1800/1900 EDGE /GPRS class 10
* Talk Time: Up to approximately 3 hrs.
* Standby Time: Up to approximately 12 days
* Operating System: Synergy
* Weight: 140g
* Dimensions: 114×53.6×13.99mm
* Display: 320×240 2.4″ 262k color
# MP3 player + FM radio
* Video Capture and Playback at 15-20 fps
* Built in camera with 2-megapixel, 8x Digital Zoom, camera flash
* Bluetooth V 2.0, Enhanced Data Rate
* Integrated 2.0 megapixel camera with flash and 8x digital zoom
* 3G HSDPA 3.6 Mbps
* AT&T Navigator
* Internet access

At the time when I bought this, it would have sold for 249.00 but I am sure they are much cheaper now. It is solid and probably heavier than most of the the new cell phones that are out now. No it is not a IPhone but I really like it.

I know it is what you would call now OLD SCHOOL but ya know what I don't care what people think. I just don't. My cell phone that I currently have now has a Gmail app that give me access to my email whenever I need to check my email when I am not near my computer and that is good enough for me. I can access to the internet like most phones can (yes it has that ability too) I can text with it (although it is tough without a keypad) but ya know this is good enough. I don't text as much as the average person text and I have no reason to unless I really can't use the phone at the moment. But if I need to talk to someone, I just pick up the phone, press those 7 digits with area code and just simply call them. And please stop texting and yacking on the phone while you are driving please for the love of all that is holy!!! I would like to live to see the next day. I would like to be on the road just once, just once without being behind someone running their mouth on the phone and driving 30 miles an hour on a 45mph road especially when I an unable to pass them. This annoys me to no end. What can you possibly have to say that is so important that you have to be on the phone while you are driving? Do I talk on my phone while I am in the car? Yes but only if I am at a long red light or if I am in the parking lot because to be honest with you, I do find it distracting and I am a bad driver anyway so I don't do it. I let the phone ring and go to voicemail. (Ok glad I got that off my chest) LMAO *sighs*

Ok now on to the IPad! This I really like. During my trip to Best Buys this weekend, I got a chance to play with it, get a feel for it, go online with it, hold it and marvel over its existence with it. I have to say this is such a neat idea to have a miniature size version of the lap top in your hands without the look of the laptop. We currently have a Dell lap top now with a 17' screen that is pretty big that I use in my home when I am not in front of my desktop. I can just plug the laptop into my router and I am good to go. We have one in just about every room in the house so wherever I am in the house, I have access to the internet. Yes you have to plug the Ethernet cable to it but hey I have access. This little marvel is wireless and requires no hookups to get access and you can take it anywhere. But is it secure? We don't worry about security when buying these little marvels or do any of care it there are secure or not. You are more exposed to wireless unsecured networks then anything else unless you know how to secure your wireless connection. Anyone can access to your connection.

I really did love it and I was so tempted to get one but I had to ask myself again, what is the main reason why I want it? What can it do that my laptop does not do? Well I had to narrow it down. I only wanted it because it was small and compact and I loved the fact that it had a built in keyboard on the screen, touch screen, no mouse to use and I was able to hold it in my hand like a notepad. Ok now the cons about not getting it. It was hard to type fast on this little onscreen keyboard as you had to use your finger to type one key at a time which I am very use to using both hands to type with, the touch screen was a bit wonky and you literally had to have your entire finger on the screen to move it. I thought by just taping it with your tip of your finger will work but I was getting frustrated as I couldn't move the screen as quickly with my finger. Maybe it was just me. I can barely hear the speaker as I had to hold the IPad up to my ear to actually hear it. I think the speaker was behind it and not in the front which made it sort of awkward. Next, my husband and I are not so keen about wireless. It is very unsecure and we worry about this as someone can get access to it without you knowing about it unless you have it secured at all times and from what I understand, the plans are very expensive.

So the bottom line is do I want the new IPad, Hell yes I wanted it, but do I need it. I am pretty sure it can do way more than what I have seen in the store. I don't travel as much so no reason to have it for travel. I am NOT in school so no reason to have it for that reason. I am not a teen, youngin or someone who has to have what everyone else has just to keep up with all the new high tech stuff. And I don't need to have access to the internet 24/7 to be updating my Twitter or Facebook page (which by the way I don't have a Facebook page) OMG say it aint so! Yes I don't have a Facebook page. Why? I don't find it useful for me to have one and I don't follow trends just because everyone one else has one. I don't even like Twitter and for the life of me don't know why I even have that. It has some advantages for my business but that is all. I think both are just a complete waste of time and eventually they will fade away just like Myspace did. Ok just my opinion. If you enjoy these social networks, than that is great wonderful. I don't put anyone down for using them as these social networks can be very useful for small business so they can be very useful to some. I can give them that :-)

I go by what is best for me and right now in my life, having these little gadgets in my life is not in the best interest for me to have. Although I grateful that I can afford them, it will be just a waste of money. If you really can't afford to have one, you do need to ask yourself, "do I really need to have one of these items and why"

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