Why I like Plurk Over Twitter

For a little over a year now I have used Plurk instead of Twitter. Why? If you never used Plurk before, I have to tell ya that it is more personable and fun then Twitter. Someone actually responds to your plurks. Unlike Twitter, you can have over a 1000 followers and the chances of any of your followers seeing your plurks during the course of the day is next to 0. Unless they are on at the same time then there is a chance your tweets will be seen. And to be honest, I don't think anyone gives a crap about what I have to say on Twitter. If I advertise just one time in a course of a week, I will lose up to 4 followers just because of one advertisement I did.

So what is so special about Plurk? Well Plurks is a social networking site just like Twitter, the only difference is that your friends get to see what you say based on your timeline. If someone missed it, all they have to do is click on my name and follow my timeline and what I have been saying the entire day and they can even respond.

I have met some really wonderful people that I sell with on Artfire and Etsy. I have established some really great friends and have been a good listener for over a year now and has kept me sane throughout the day. I have learned a great day about so many different things and have learned about their lives too. My friends are both from the US and overseas in the UK, Australia and Germany. They are just a bunch of funny and great gals to chat with. I know I may have missed some but they are not forgotten.

So I have to give a shot out to some of my good friends at Plurk and stop by their shops. You will not be disappointed.

My lovely and sweet friend Victoria from Butterfly-Crafts Handmade Cards and Gifts

Just a sample of her great cards

The Beaded Branch

Teri specializes in assortment of fine jewelry.

Another great shop with an assortment of fine jewelry.

Fo-Shizzle Design Studio

Assortment of fine jewelry shop.

My dear Canadian friend Robyn at JewelledTrellis

My dear overseas friend Deb from Crysallis Creations
Exquisite Gems & Jewels

Another good plurk friend Willow Walker Designs

I have so many great friends that I just can't list them all but you can check out some of their shops too.

Cecily Van @ 28 Sides Designs
Colty Pixy ColtPixy
Char Myers at Char Spirit
Susan Pandorf
Cindy Pierce Sew Happy Designs
Krist at Shiny Adornments
Amy Dutsch at Mamas Little Monkeys
Heather Marrow at Studio DTQ
Aislinn Marie at aislinnseroticjewels
Valerie at Emily Clair Creations
Fran West at Aunti Franni
C TurtlezOddz N Endz
Haffina @ Haffina Creations
Joy Adams @ Catinalife Creations

Thank you all for being such a great support system to me for over the past year and a half. I has been a fun and crazy ride on plurk. Many hugs and best of success to you all.


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