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My Reflections on Mother's Day

Mother's Day comes only one day out of the year but being a mother is year round. It doesn't matter if your your child is 1 month old or 25 yrs old like mine is. You will ALWAYS be a mother. You worry, and try to attend to them still even as adults and the worrying never stops at least for me it doesn't. I constantly worry if he is eating ok, getting enough sleep, is he being careful when he is out in the street, hanging in the club, etc etc.

Every year I take the time to reflect on my on this day and look back at my years as a mother. I tend to start looking at all my old photos of my son and I and think back on the great times I had with my son growing up and the times we shared together. As a single parent it was tough especially when my son had a learning disability that he and myself had to deal with. I always ask myself, "did I do enough for him, did I provide a good home for him, did I give him the tools to succeed in life, Was I good mom to him and did he hav…