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First I want to wish everyone a lovely Easter Holiday. This weekend will be so nice and the weather will finally be warm for a change. We sure do deserve it around the country as this was a really rough winter for just about everyone in the US.

I just released a new newsletter this week for all my mailing list members. 15% every item in my Artfire studio just for my mailing list customers. So if you haven't signed up, here is your chance to do so. Every now and then I give out special discount codes just for my mailing list customers. Plus 10% off your total order at my Etsy shop til next week. See shop announcements for details.

Ok so do I have new for you? I have been working on new body scrubs. I have new line of Signature body scrubs. They have been a very big hit lately. Plus a few new soaps that are now ready and listed in both Etsy, Artfire and Zibbet.

Dead Sea Mud Soap

This soap was made using the hot process soap method. I added wonderful skin loving oils and blended together and cooked in the oven. It has cured for a little over a week and is now ready for your shower or bath. This has a light orange, grapefruit, clove and lemon essential oil blend

This Dead Sea mud soap is made up of pure vegetable oil. It does not contain animal ingredients and has a blend of essential oils added. We added 100% pure dead sea mud directly into the soap batch and blended to this rich dark color. Everything you want in a mud can be found in this soap. This is the real deal. We added a lot of the mud to give you all the benefits of soap and the benefits of the mud.


The Dead Sea mud soap works by gently cleansing the skin. Our Dead Sea mud soap works great on acne, psoriasis and many other skin disorders. Dead Sea mud soap, when applied to skin, opens the skin pores. It allows vitamins and minerals to penetrate deep into the skin, since both vitamins and minerals work to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. I have used this soap at least twice a week for the past week and I have already seen a tremendous improvement in my skin.

All Natural Organic Shampoo & Body Wash

I have been holding out for a long time with this item. Since I make my own labels, trying to find the right design for this item was difficult. I have decided to get this one listed finally after several months of procrastinating. This is a all in one body wash and shampoo. All organic ingredients, great for the entire family to use including the little ones. Very gentle to the skin. This can be scented anyway you like or left unscented for those with delicate skin types. A must have item.

Tropical Mandarin Coconut Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub is amazing. It is our no drip sugar scrub. It is made with shea butter and cocoa butter so it stays firm and not drippy and messy. I think you will love this sugar scrub. It will make your skin feel alive and fresh. And the scent we used for this is Mandarin Coconut which has a lovely tropical scent of mandarins and coconuts. Our sugar scrub is made with the finest ingredients. We added Pure cane sugar, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, castor oil, stearic Acid (vegetable fats/oils that helps bind and thicken),emulsifying wax, vitamin E, Orange zest, and a non paraben preservative Optihpen

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub is made similar to our Tropical Mandarin Coconut Sugar Scrub. The only difference is this is made with Green Tea leaves and scented with one of the best Green tea fragrance that I have tried. Very light fragrance and sure to please the nose. This is also a no drip or messy sugar scrub. Stays soft to the touch and works wonders in the shower without the mess.

Lemon Ginger & Sage Hot Process Soap

This soap was made using the hot process soap method. I added wonderful skin loving oils and blended together and cooked in the oven. It has cured for a little over a week and is now ready for your shower or bath.

This soap was made with and essential oil blend of Lemon, Ginger and Sage. It has a light to medium scent and a wonderful rich lather. The color is a cosmetic grade color suitable for hot and cold process soaps. I added a hint of Bentonite clay to give it a really soft feel to the soap when you use it. I think you will enjoy this unique blend of essential oils for this soap. Great lather and a nice size bar.

Cocoa Butter Body Cream

This Cocoa Butter cream is very rich and thick. It is made with real cocoa butter. No greasy feeling, very smooth to the touch, blends into your skin quickly leaving it soft to the touch. You will smell a hint of the cocoa butter after a few minutes after it is applied. I love the smell of cocoa butter. It is also made with Shea butter. We all know how wonderful cocoa butter and shea butter is to the skin so you know it will work wonders.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out some of my new items.

What is on the curing rack for April?

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