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Never Enough Time

I know you have heard and have said that many times. There never seems to be enough time to do everything. Why is that? is it because we try to cramp so much of what we have to do in one day? Why can't some things just wait? Like most of us women, we always seem to want to do it all. Manage the kids, manage the kids extra curricular activities, be a wife, manage the home, have a job outside the home, have a small home business, and the list goes on and on. Why can't we just want time to ourselves? Why do we feel guilty for wanting to take time to do what you want to do? I don't know, maybe that is just the way we were made. Always thinking of taking care of others and not ourselves. Although my son is grown and out of the house, he is always on my mind. A mothers worrying never stops once he leaves the nest. You always wonder if he keeping himself healthy, eating ok and so forth.

I think us women really need to sometimes just stop and put things on hold. Some things can re…

Cold vs Hot Process Soap? What's The Difference?

Is one better than the other? It depends on what you like. Do you prefer soaps with lots of color, swirls and edible looking or do you prefer to keep is simple? I make both hot and cold process soaps and I am often asked, What's the difference? Does it matter if it is cold or hot? The only difference is the method of making the soap.

Here is the best way to explain the difference.

Chamomile Neroli Hot Process Soap

The hot process and cold process but lets start with the hot process. It begins by running your recipe through a lye calculator. It measures how much lye that will be needed in your recipe. The lye is measured and added to your measured water NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND because adding water to lye is dangerous and can cause an eruption. Next, the lye and water mixture is added to heated vegetable or animal fats. Some soapers prefer to use a crockpot and some prefer to use a pot. I use a pot as my crock pot is never big enough and prefer a larger pot which gets put into the …

Look New Items :-)

First I want to wish everyone a lovely Easter Holiday. This weekend will be so nice and the weather will finally be warm for a change. We sure do deserve it around the country as this was a really rough winter for just about everyone in the US.

I just released a new newsletter this week for all my mailing list members. 15% every item in my Artfire studio just for my mailing list customers. So if you haven't signed up, here is your chance to do so. Every now and then I give out special discount codes just for my mailing list customers. Plus 10% off your total order at my Etsy shop til next week. See shop announcements for details.

Ok so do I have new for you? I have been working on new body scrubs. I have new line of Signature body scrubs. They have been a very big hit lately. Plus a few new soaps that are now ready and listed in both Etsy, Artfire and Zibbet.

Dead Sea Mud Soap

This soap was made using the hot process soap method. I added wonderful skin loving oils and blended toge…