Yeah For The Dyson DC14!!

Ok I have never been the type to endorse a products but I have to give props to my Dyson DC14 Telescope Reach Vacuum. I have had it for less than 2 yrs and I have to say that I am so pleased with this vacuum. I am the kind that would spend no more than 150 for a vacuum til I just got so fed up with my other vacuums losing its suction power.

I am giving this vacuum such a great review because it is just an awesome vacuum cleaner. My husband always say, " you get what you pay for" and he is so right. I would never spend over 300.00 for a vacuum. Although this vacuum may be retail valued at over 500.00 at some places but we found it for 299.00 at Costco website. Not sure if they still have these available there but to me that was a bargain compare to other places we have looked. I was a little hesitant to purchase such a expensive vacuum cleaner but this baby works like a charm.

We have only been in our home for a little less than 2 yrs and the home was purchased brand new so we have lovely new carpet. Well I wanted to keep them that way and thought we needed a new vacuum. We also have a long hair Birman cat that sheds a lot so the other vacuum that I had from my other home just wasn't cutting it anymore. And for those of you that have cats know about the huge hair balls.  My cat has a tendency to throw up sometimes and it leaves really dark stains on the carpet.

Well when my cat first made her mess on on my brand new carpet, I freaked out. I was like OMG no you didn't just throw up on my new carpet. So I was like ok don't panic I have this new stuff that came with my vacuum cleaner called Dyson Spot Cleaner.

This stuff is great. It gets rid of spots and spills. It contains four active agents: a dispersant that cleans soil-based stains, solvent that mobilizes oil-based stains, a detergent that cleans oil-based stains and solvent that speeds drying time. Works on grease, food, drinks and soil. Perfect for wool and stain-resistant carpets. pH neutral and environmentally friendly.

Ok first I took up as much of the mess off the carpet as I could get up. So only the thing left was a little dark stain. I grabbed this spot cleaner and sprayed directly on the stain and rubbed. Next I used another wonderful product that came with my vacuum cleaner was this stuff called Dyson Zorb. OMG this stuff is great. It is tiny pieces of sponges that absorbs excess dirt from the carpet.. It has a damp feel to it and it is 100% recycled and biodegradable. No sticky detergent or residue.

Well you scoop a small amount of this Zorb onto the damp spot and work it into your carpet. Leave on your carpet for about 30 minutes or until dry and vacuum it up. Your carpet will look good as new. When they say it absorbs, it absorbs everything. The photo below shows what it looks like when applied to your carpet. You can get this at Home Depot, Best Buy or at Target, and Amazon. It is good on new or old carpets.

And not only did I get out the stain but I can't tell where the stain was when I vacuum the zorb up. So it has saved me on many occasions. My husband spilled coffee on the rug once and I almost had a coronary! but thankfully it didn't leave a stain thanks to these wonderful products. And yes both the Spot Cleaner and the Zorb came with my vacuum cleaner.

Not only did I get the Zorb and the Spot Cleaner I also got many many attachments too. I received 6 additional attachments such as:

And this is great for the stairs. When you attach this baby you can really hear the suction power

And I got 3 more attachments. One of these is for vacuuming the sofas.

So in closing is this a great vacuum cleaner or what? Yes I know it is pretty expensive but I just have to say it is so worth the cost and after having it this long, it still has its suction power. Didn't mean to ramble on and on but I just have to give this Dyson's vacuum an A++

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