Winter Wonderland

This photo was taken the night of Friday February 5th in my back yard. As you can see it was really starting to pile up. This is just the beginning of the storm.

You guessed it SNOW!!! and more SNOW! As much as I have been wanting snow, this season has turned out to be the worse snow I have seen since I have been living in VA. I haven't seen snow like this since the Winter of 96 and I was living in Phila. Back then it was about 30 inches of snow and we have surpassed that amount in the past 2 months. This is including the snow we had just before Christmas which was about 20inches then again 2 weeks ago which wasn't much about 8-10 inches and on February 6 30 inches of snow and again on February 9 which was about 5 inches but very windy and dangerous. So am I sick of snow right about. Hell yes!!

We live so close to DC (about 30 minutes) that we pretty much got what DC got as far as snow but according to what I have seen on the news, I think DC got hit a lot harder. They have been dealing with not being able to get the snow removed in a timely matter within the city in the neighborhoods but this happens a lot in most major cities. We live in a HOA community so the plows here have been non stop since back in December. They spend all day and all night constantly removing snow and hauling it away. I guess this is what we our HOA fees pay for and they have done an excellent job removing all of the snow to make it easier for us to get out.

This was taken around 10am on Saturday February 6th as you can see it is still very early in the day and we are at approx 20 inches. When all was said and done by the end of the evening. That rose to 30inches.

This was taken Friday February 6th the day of the big storm. This was just the beginning of what to come. This was the early morning part of the storm. It was so calm and quiet as if the everything and every one just shut down and stayed home to watch the snow fall. I love how quiet it gets when the the snow fell. It is like God's way of saying, sit back and watch me do my work. :-)

Well lets just hope that we don't see anymore snow like this for some time and that the worse part of the winter is over and we can get back to normal and start to thaw. Thanks for letting me share my photos with you.

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