Do You Prefer Cheap Prices Over Quality?

Quality matters to me. I stand behind what I make. The way the economy is today, most people tend to be thrifty when it comes to their bath and body items or for anything that they are buying right now. Time are really difficult and money is hard to come by. But you should really think as to why some items are so low? Is it because the seller needs money, is it because they have a lot of items in stock, destash items that must go?

Lowering my prices to compete with those sellers that sell their products cheap is not something I will do. I love competition and it keeps me focused and driven. I am not out just to get my sales numbers up, I care about what I am selling and don't want to sell out just to make a quick sale just because I want to keep up with the jones. That is not how I conduct business. I don't go over board with advertising to the point where I am just flat out annoying. That turns potential customers off.

In order to get quality you have to pay a little bit more for it. It is the same with a car. If you buy a BMW vs a Toyota I think you will get more out of the BMW then you would a Toyota. Quality does matter. Paying 2.00 for a bar of soap to me is not quality. I will only and ONLY lower my prices that low is if I am clearing out inventory.

Now don't get me wrong. Time is a factor in too. Putting in the time matters when making your products. How much time do you take to making your products. How much do you spend on supplies to make your products. Well for my supply bill is very high. I spend a lot of money on Shea Butter. I make tons of lotion every month and my main ingredient in my lotion is Shea Butter. Sure I can easily go and just buy it wholesale, put it in a bottle and sell it for 10.00. I like the fact that I make mine from scratch. I know what is in it and how it is made. Most of my items are made from my own recipes. Sometimes the recipes are updated or improved to make better.

So here are just a sample of my ingredients that I use in my products....

Shea Butter (butyrospermum parkii- African expeller pressed fixed oil) is used in a lot of my products.

The mangifolia tree grows in the arid Savannah Found in 17 African nations. This tree grows to 15m in height giving forth abundant fruit with green, sweet, fleshy pulp high in ascorbic acid, almost four times the amount found in oranges. It also contains iron, vitamin B, protein and calcium. Shea nuts are first par boiled, then sun dried for 3-5 days before they are baked to complete dehydration, when they can then be stored for several years without spoilage. The kernals must then be pounded to crush open the kernals to remove their skin. Handcrushing shea butter makes the most therapeutic quality of shea butter.

Shea Butter is probably the only ingredient you will ever need on your skin. Shea Butter is so healing and moisturizing that most will never need anything else in order to maintain beautiful, healthy looking skin as well as to slow or even reverse signs of again.

Please also be advised that Shea Butter derives from a nut and not recommended for those with nut allergies.

Coconut Oil (cocos nucifeara-Phillipines-expeller pressed fixed oil) is used in my cold and hot processed soaps.

Coconut oil helps make a harder bar of soap. It also helps reduce dandruff when used as a shampoo. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a proven antiviral and antibacterial agent. Coconut oil helps clean, nourish and enrich the skin and is an ingredient to help produce a fluffy lather. When applied to the skin, it helps moisturize and has a natural SPF.

Palm Oil (elaesis guineensis expeller pressed fixed oil) is use in all my cold and hot process soaps

Palm oil maintains the natural nutrients of carotenes )precursors to Vitamin A) and the antioxidant tocotrienols (Vitamin E) Palm Oil is used in my soaps to help make a harder bar and a stable lather.

Castor Oil (ricinus communisexpeller pressed fixed oil) Is used in my cold and hot process soaps

Castor oil acts as a humectant by attracting and retaining moisture to the skin. Also promotes generous lather.

100% Whole Meyenberg Powdered Goats Milk. It is used in a variety of my products such as my cold and hot process soaps, foaming milk bath, bath bombs, and much more.

Meyenberg goat milk contains 13% more calcium, 25% more vitamin B
and 47% more vitamin A. Additionally, the powdered product is supplemented with folic acid and vitamin D3. This is used in my soaps to provide additional moisturizing and has been known to promote healing. I love this stuff. It is very expensive and can run you from 13-18.00 a can. So it's not cheap to buy. I usually buy 2-3 cans every 2 months.

Cocoa Buttertheobroma cacao Used in my lotions, cream, body butter, lip balms, soaps and much more.

Cocoa Butter is a pale-yellow, pure edible vegetable fat extracted from the cacao bean.

Cocoa butter is obtained from either whole cacao beans or chocolate liquor (also known as cocoa liquor). Chocolate liquor is pressed to separate the cocoa butter from the cocoa solids. The broma process is used to extract cocoa butter from whole cacao beans. The cocoa butter is most often deodorized to remove its strong and undesirable taste.

I use both the refined cocoa butter (white deodorized) and the unrefined (the natural cocoa butter as is with a nutty chocolately scent). I love using both of these in my products and I never skimp on the good stuff.

MY Goal:

My goal is to help provide you with the best products, with the best ingredients to benefit your body.

My cold and hot process soaps are made with nothing but the best natural ingredient using Olive oil, Palm Oil, Sunflower oil, Safflower oils, Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Goats milk, and Cocoa butter. In the coming months, I will bring less colored soaps with more natural coloring such as powdered herbs and other ingredients to naturally color my soaps. I will be using more shea butter and more Goat Milk in my soap.

So in closing, make sure if you are going to pay cheap prices for your bath and body products, make sure you are getting quality with those cheap prices. It is so easy to be fooled by pretty pictures and smells and fragrance but please know what and who you are buying from. Just because looks and smell good doesn't mean it is always good for you.

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