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I have been working on these two items for the past 2 months. Mainly trying to decide whether they were 1. good enough to sell and 2. Trying to create the right recipe that will work. So I have been procrastinating to say the least.

I have been working on a really good sugar scrub. Something that would be good for really dry skin. I wanted to go with something more organic and natural so I went with a organic sugar and organic honey. Those two combinations go very well.

Bit of Honey Organic Sugar Scrub.

Honey's natural antioxidant and anti-microbial properties help to protect the skin from the damage of the sun's rays. It supports the skin's ability to rejuvenate and refresh depleted skin, leaving it feeling silky soft and supple. I used organic sugar, organic honey, almond oil, sunflower oil, apricot seeds, Shea & Aloe butter. A touch of Honey fragrance oils makes this smell really good. I am very pleased with it and I hope my customers enjoy using this scrub

Foot cream.…

Do You Prefer Cheap Prices Over Quality?

Quality matters to me. I stand behind what I make. The way the economy is today, most people tend to be thrifty when it comes to their bath and body items or for anything that they are buying right now. Time are really difficult and money is hard to come by. But you should really think as to why some items are so low? Is it because the seller needs money, is it because they have a lot of items in stock, destash items that must go?

Lowering my prices to compete with those sellers that sell their products cheap is not something I will do. I love competition and it keeps me focused and driven. I am not out just to get my sales numbers up, I care about what I am selling and don't want to sell out just to make a quick sale just because I want to keep up with the jones. That is not how I conduct business. I don't go over board with advertising to the point where I am just flat out annoying. That turns potential customers off.

In order to get quality you have to pay a little bit more …

Do Scents Sell?

I guess that depends on who you ask. Fragrance oil vs Essential oils. I use both. Why? because there is a demand for fragrance oil more so than essential oil. There are just so many different types of fragrance oils on the market that you just can't get in essential oils. Ok so you are asking what is the difference between the two? Fragrance oils are the most popular because they are duplicate scents. They are man made. In my opinion, most scents that have a floral scent are the fragrance oils that most people seem to have a sensitivity with.

Essential oils derive from the their actual source such as plants, flowers and fruit. You can find natural essential oils in Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint etc which has a very powerful and invigorating scent. Essential oils are actually oils in their purest forms and they are extremely concentrated. You do not need to use a lot of essential oil in order to get the effect that you want.

Essential oils are very expensive and although…