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Well it has been awhile since I have posted anything new in my shops but I do have a few new items I like to share.

Soaps, yes new soaps have arrived. It has been some time since I made any new soaps. The process for me takes some time and I really have to be in the soap making mood to make soap and lately I haven't but I have made some progress in the past month and have been motivated to get into the kitchen and started making some new soaps.

Most recently listed soap.

One of my favorite soaps to use is the Loofah. Some don't like the rough feel of the loofah but I love it. I love how it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and new. This loofah is made with a awesome goats milk soap and a Honey Almond Essential oil fragrance. Absolutely one of my best fragrance. This is filled with the soap and has added almond meal added to it for added exfoliating. This will come wrapped in a plastic bag with tie and label. Great for gift giving and stocking stuffers.

For Men. Yes Men go figure

Winding Curves(Curve type)Glycerin Soap. I originally made this soap for my husband and since I do not have many items listed for men, I thought this would be a great addition to my line of soaps. My husband love the bold scent of the the fragrance and couldn't wait to use it. He actually suggested that I add it to my soap line and I was a little hesitant because most of my customers are women that it wouldn't sell very well but there are women customers who have husband and boyfriends so hey why not.

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Oatmeal Soap.

Doesn't it just look really good. When I started making this soap I was clueless as to how it was going to turn out. I had this wonderful scent called Cinnamon Brown Sugar and it had such a bold scent that I had to make a soap with it. So I began with the grounded oatmeal with a little cinnamon in the mix. Then I added the brown sugar with the oatmeal mixture. When the soap was ready for me to add the ingredients I was still nervous about adding it not know what the outcome will be. I hate experimenting on soap because the oils are so expensive and having a soap batch ruined is wasting money so I don't like to experiment to much with my hot and cold process soap. I have had bad batches just go really bad and I wasted really good oils. So I like to try to keep it simple and not too dramatic I don't like my my soaps to look too much like food. You wouldn't want to use it but just eat it and I want my customers to use my soaps and enjoy them.

So back to the soap, once I added all the ingredients and the fragrance I began pouring the mixtures into the mold. Oh the aroma was so wonderful that it filled my kitchen up. The next morning I unmolded my soap and it was a pale golden color, nothing unusual about it. So I cut it and stored it in my curing closet and in about a week I checked on it and it was really dark in color. I was surprised and happy to see that the brown sugar and cinnamon changed the color to a nice mocha color. So having it look this yummy was not intended but it turned out to be a awesome bar of soap.

Sweet Pomergranate Cold Process Soap.

This scent is one of my favorites during the holiday season. I think this is my second batch of Pomergranate that I have made. This was made using the cold process method and stored and cured for many weeks. Great lather and just a all around awesome bar of soap. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling great. It is a nice size bar and will last a long time assuming you don't take a lot of showers LOL. This also will make a great gift or stocking stuffer.

Last but not least

Holiday Gift Set.

I combined all of my most popular items in one gift set. Our famous Shea Butter Lotions, After Bath Body Mist, One of our awesome soaps and for the under arms (we can't forget about the armpits) our famous Vegetable Protein Deodorant bars. This is a great price and great idea for a gift. This can be customize to whatever fragrance we have available and your choice of soaps.
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