My Baking Experience

I love to cook. I think I am a very good cook, at least that's what my husband tells me. But I haven't been very good at baking. Why? I have no idea. Either I don't follow the recipe right, try to change the recipe or I over cook it and it just never works. I think the only thing I can bake right is peanut butter cookies that I make from scratch myself or just a simple cake.

But over the Christmas holiday I did branch out and try to make some really fabulous goodies. I know a really awesome lady name Krista from who recommended a some great treats that I attempted to make over the holiday. I just had to try a few of the recipes she had on her blog.

First up I am a HUGE chocolate lover and this was a recipe I just had to try.

This is my version of the Chocolae Cake Bites

This was made with simple yellow cake mix, cake frosting and chocolate. The cake mix was made into just two baked round cakes and then later crumbled into a bowl. The frosting was mixed into the cake mix to help bind the cake together and soon after rolled into little round balls.(see below)

These balls were then placed into the freezer til nice and firm but not too long I didn't want them to freeze. Then I melted some simple Hersey's chocolate and slowly dipped the balls into the chocolate with a big fork and drained all the excess chocolate and then placed onto parchment paper to harden. While the chocolate was still warm I sprinkled some chopped walnuts on top. That's it pretty simple huh.

My Fruit Cake Triffle Bowl

Next I attempted her Fruit Punch Bowl recipe. Although I did not have a large punch bowl, but I did have a nice size glass bowl that I used. This is very delicious, light and fruity desert that did not last very long. I made two bowls because all of it did not fit in this one bowl go figure. After it was finished I was so pleased at how easy it was to make and very light and tasty. Here is the recipe below

Punch Bowl Cake Trifle

1 8qt glass/plastic punch bowl
1 yellow cake mix, and ingredients to make cake
2 small pkg. 4oz instant vanilla pudding- make as directed
2 large cans of cherry pie filling
2 pkg (6oz each) shredded coconut
1 large can fruit cocktail, drained
1 large can pineapple tidbits, drained
2 cartons 8oz Cool Whip
1/4 cup chopped nuts

Make cake according to package directions. You need 2 layers. So, either do 2 round pans, or one 13x9 and cut it in half. It's all going to get cut up and jumbled anyway, so looks aren't important! Let cool.
Prepare instant pudding and refrigerate to set up.
Break 1 cake into pieces and place in bottom of punch bowl.

Add in layers: 1/2 of pudding, cherry pie filling, fruit cocktail, pineapple, nuts, coconut, cool whip.
Break the 2nd cake into pieces and add the other half of the ingredients, in the order listed above, Except I add the coconut after the cool whip so that it is on top! It looks prettier that way!
Garnish with nuts, cherries, coconut.

Recipe courtesy of Doubledippedlife

Sweet Potato Pie

My homemade (from scratch) Sweet Potato Pie. I loooooove Sweet Potato Pie. I don't know to many folks that actually like it. I have asked some of my online friends if they liked it and most say either then never had it, never heard of it or don't prefer it but prefer Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Pie yuk. I looked around our area markets to find a really good homemade sweet potato pie and I couldn't find one. I went to our local market Shoppers here in my area and I had to ask at the bakery if they had any Sweet Potato Pies. The baker told me they only had Pumpkin Pie but looked in the back to see if they had any frozen ones. I said frozen? So he came back out with a frozen Sweet Potato Pie. Well since I was desperate to find one I said ok and took it home. While it was good and tasty but not quite as good the way it was made homemade when I was growing up.

So I got on the phone, called my mom in Phila and said "ok you have to walk me through so I can make your delicious Sweet Potato Pie" She gave me the ingredients and she did walk me through it step by step and I have to say that I was pleased as punch to see my two finished baked Sweet Potato Pies. I was happy as a clam to have finally made one. My husband just loved it.

And finally my homemade Pumpkin Bread. Yes I made all this last week. I was in a baking mood for some strange reason. I put off making soap and anything business related to concentrate on my baking. This Pumpkin bread is very moist and delicious. This is a bread that I pretty have made many times in the past with success. So I can do a little something something right. I made two Pumpkin Bread loaves and I have one on the freezer now and the other is pretty much gone.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year to you all

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